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Freaking out really need some input!

Ok, I know I have posted before on using Ambein. I have horrible insomnia during pregnancy and with out sleep my panic disorder acts up so I was given Ambein to sleep. However, after having been prescribed this and taking I have no been getting advice from my OB to not use it all the time and they seem more concerned then they did at the start and now eve. the pharmacist started to give warnings.
I am really at a loss and terrified! Has anyone out there had experience on with using Ambien while pregnant or had to do the same? Please no judging I am already so sick over everything. I just need to hear from moms.

Re: Freaking out really need some input!

  • Maybe this post could go onto a parenting thread? As most of us are FTM (not all obviously) that way you might have a better chance of getting in touch with someone who has already had there bub, and perhaps used ambien.
    Also- I would quite simply listen to your doctor, and if your doctor is being unclear/inconsistent perhaps get a second oppinion from another doctor.
  • I may not be much help, but I do know the give it to let the moms and sometimes dad's sleep before being induced.
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  • Have you tried Unisom? Works wonders for me, and I take a half a pill some nights. It's not like I still don't get up a few times in the middle of the night having to pee or get crampy/uncomfortable but I'm able to fall asleep within 10 min! Good luck!
  • I would say it is worth contacting your doctor about, just to be on the safe side. I agree with PP that said pharmacists don't have your full story and was likely making a recommendation based on their medical knowledge. At the end of the day I know that there is a cost benefit ratio with a lot of drugs and it is worth having the discussion with your doctor. Completely different drug but I know when I had my bladder infection the pharmacist informed me that they recommend against the drug I was prescribed to deal with it when in the last 6 weeks of the 3rd trimester. I was grateful for the information and I've kept the bottle incase it comes back so I can talk with my OB about it and other options.

    Ultimately I would do as your doctor prescribes (especially if you are seeing OB) because they know your medical history and have probably already taken into consideration your personal cost to benefit ratio. But I would also mention what the pharmacist said and ask for doctor input. 

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  • I was given ambien the night before my induction. It was low dose. My dd is great.My SIL was also told she could take ambien if needed for her sleep issues. I would talk to your dr for sure but I don't see them prescribing it knowing about your panic disorder and it not being safe. Your mental health is just as important as your body health.
  • Thank you everyone. I am just feeling really stuck. I will try Unisom or Tylenol PM tonight. fingers crossed it will help this time.
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