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Favorite Thanksgiving moment?

Hope everyone else's Thanksgivings went well!  Anyone have any funny or great moments from your day?

Husband and I went to my dad & stepmom's for dinner and about three hours after we were all finished eating and someone asked "Is something cooking?"  My stepsister got up and checked the oven and there were the yams that my stepmom forgot to take out.  Yep...I think they're done!


Re: Favorite Thanksgiving moment?

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  • Our entire sewage system went out. DH and my dad spent ALL day trying to fix the dang thing out in 30 degree weather and no luck today. So, this pregnant lady, as well as 6 others had to go pee outside. It's been a laugh for sure, so thankful we can all be light hearted and silly about the whole circumstance because I was very worried it would ruin the day for us. Yay for a night of waking up, grabbing a flashlight, and peeing outside a million times tonight! Finally, a reason to be thankful for the (tmi) blockage situation I've got going on. Here's to hoping they get it fixed tomorrow! Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!
  • Least favorite moment: arriving on time for "dinner" at 1pm and food not actually getting served until 2:30pm. Favorite moment: DS wanting lots of pie, but then rather than eat it all himself, he alternated between feeding himself, DH, and me.

  • We got to DH aunts house on time and were told supper wasn't going to be until 7 instead of the 530 it was supposed to be. Well that just didn't work for me because I had to fast 12 hours for my 3 hour glucose test at 7 this morning. So I had cheese and veggies for supper last night. Got to the hospital this morning and guess what? The dr sent over the wrong orders for my test. So someone messed up somewhere and this pregnant lady is ready to beat some people up. That food looked so good! And I didn't bring any home because I knew I wouldn't be able to stay out of it when my insomnia kicks in at about 230am...sigh. other than all that it was a decent day. DS#2 LOVES stuffing! He ate so much of it! It's about all he could have (since he doesn't like potatoes and has very few teeth), and he cried when it was gone! It was so cute! DS#1 told jakes aunt her food was dog poop, which was also priceless. She makes these banana things...and they have peanut butter and such on them so they're brown...everything brown and "yucky" looking is dog poop. I've never laughed so hard in my life!
  • My favorite moment from last night was when we asked my cousin and her husband to be the godparents of LO! They were so thrilled and she even started tearing up which, of course, made me tear up. It was a beautiful moment. Oh, and add on the fact that I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in food last night and I was a very happy girl!

  • We had a nice Thanksgiving. Brunch with the in laws at a restaurant. Which was easy and relaxing. Then dinner at my aunt's. Love going there. It's on a small lake and every house and the clubhouse decorates for Christmas so after dinner the lights came on. We had a good time. Then it was home to get ready to go camping with my BIL, SIL, and nephews!
  • Aside from the pumpkin pie (which, duh!) it was certainly seeing the reactions of my DH's folks upon our pregnancy announcement! 

    We already announced to our "inner circle" on Halloween but since we spend Thanksgiving with DH's family and Christmas with mine, we decided to tell them the big news on those festive occasions. They were all very surprised when I said that this year I'm not only thankful for the weight I'll be gaining from the amazing food but also for the extra +/- 8 lbs our little family is expected to gain next year. It was really nice getting to share out little secret with them finally! Next big hurdle is going to be sharing the news with my fam. I'm really hoping they'll be as supportive and happy and drama-free about it as DH's family.

    The positive reactions we got from them were certainly the highlight of my night :) That and the pie of course...
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  • I think my favorite part was when everyone stopped talking football and watching football for more than 5 minutes ;)

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  • I had a (mostly) awful Thanksgiving as I had a monster headache. Just terrible. I tried everything and was in my bedroom for most of the day. I drank a ton of water, did my neti pot, took tylenol, layed on my mom's "headache pillow" in the dark, etc. Ugh, it just would not go away. I read somewhere that caffeine sometimes helps and so I made myself a cup of coffee and lo and behold, I got some relief! I was able to enjoy dinner, which was great! 
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  • My favorite moment was when the food was ready and I had a plate full of it.

  • I made all of the food this year and it was delicious. I have so many leftovers I don't know where to start. Last year, dinner was a nightmare. My stove wouldn't stay on... And I had to cook with tiny electric oven and my stroller got stolen. Everything went perfect this year. One of my favorite things was decorating for Christmas after dinner for the first time in years since we always travel for the holidays. Plus I had a very clean house when I went to bed...I love waking up to a clean house and that's hard for me to do with 3 boys and a very outdoorsman dh.
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  • We were in LA for my family's annual thanksgiving party (35 people were there). We each anonymously wrote a couple sentences about what we were thankful for and out then in a hat, we then passed the hat around and each person picked a random piece of paper and read aloud what was written. It was very special and moving

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