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Recurrent yeast infection

Does any mom here experience the same thing? It's too uncomfortable. :'(

Re: Recurrent yeast infection

  • Not this pregnancy, but with my first I did. 

    Get on a probiotic right away, stay away from sugar and up your water in take. 

  • I had recurrent yeast infections until I got pregnant. Never could figure out how to stop them. Staying away from sugar and probiotics didn't seem to help. The doctor suggested bathing in baking soda and I did that as well but it didn't stop it either. Cotton underpants is another tip.
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  • Intercourse is painful for me, my dr says it's yeast and to try 3 day monistat...
    I haven't gone to the store to buy any yet,( well I have gone to the store I just 1.forget or 2. The store is out) so I don't know if it works.

    Talk with your doctor about it?
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