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Acupuncture success

Hi ladies -
I saw some people posting about acupuncture and wanted to share my experience. I was motivated to go after reading the post on it. I went last night and not only was it super relaxing ( he focused on balancing my hormones and stress relief) I woke up this morning and started my period for the first time since my d and c on October 15!
He's in nj so if anybody wants to pm me for his info -he also does a community health program where it's a sliding scale to go with the minimum being 25$ . I went to his other location to get a private session . He also gave me my first session free and spent 90 minutes with me talking for about 30.

Re: Acupuncture success

  • Thanks for sharing! I just booked my first ever accupuncture session. I just suffered a CP and it was our first cycle trying after going off of BCPs. I have no idea what my "normal" cycle looks like as I was on BCP for 15ish years. I want to be proactive and do everything I can to get things balanced so that we can get back to TTC in a couple of months. I'm surprised at how affordable it is! 

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  • I'm sorry for your loss. Let us know how it goes ! I still can't believe I got my period the next day !
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  • where in NJ? do they take insurance?
  • Where in NJ, I'm in Rockland County NY so would be interested in trying. Can you send me the information please
  • So there's two locations . One is in warren from 2-7 you can go and it's a sliding scale .minimum 25$ Up to 65$ but there are other people around. The other is in little falls nj by Montclair state . They take insurance there but are out of network so as long as your insurance covers and you have out of network benefits you should be good . Here is name and number .Michael Gonzales 908-392-3468
  • Sorry the one in warren nj is only on Thursdays though . The other location is open mon-fri
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