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Genetic testing newbie

I've never had any genetic testing done with any of my pregnancies whether they were successful or not. (I have 2 boys, 3 losses and am currently 9+4). My doctor has always sort of offered it but said I didn't have any risk factors so it wasn't really necessary cost wise. Thankfully my boys are healthy. This time around I'm considering testing just because I'm a little older (33) and I'm curious about it. What are the basics with testing? My first regular appointment is at 11 weeks. Thanks!
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Re: Genetic testing newbie

  • I had a genetic loss at 34 so we opted for Materna Plus at 11 weeks. I would have detected the common genetic abnormalities and it also told us the sex! We definitely plan to do it again with future pregnancies, it have us peace of mind that we otherwise wouldn't have had after our loss and insurance covered ours.
  • Thank you! I can definitely see how it gave you peace of mind. I'm sorry for your loss. I will ask my doc about that test for sure!
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  • Any of the cell free DNA test will work and give you the sex. Just talk to your doctor about billing it to ensure that they'll cover it, but if you'll be 34 when you deliver they should cover it for AMA or your doctor can deem it justifiable because of your losses. We had a scare with the ventricles in her brain starting at 18 weeks and we rested on the Materna Plus results. With a normal looking ultrasound at 11 weeks and good results from one of those tests you should be able to relax!
  • Do you want a girl this go 'round? Three would be a lot of boys!
  • Lol three would be a lot of boys for sure. But I love those little boys with my whole world. In a way I can't imagine not having a boy. I really don't care either way. I'm done after this. The thought of never having to worry about another loss is very enticing. Can you imagine a world without that worry?
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  • I know exactly what you mean. I want one more and the whole process is so scary. Your little boy in your avatar looks precious! At least if you had a girl she'd have plenty of big brothers to look after her!
  • I'm doing it this time around... last time we had a loss due to Turner's, which can be picked up on this kind of test.

    We get it done next week and I can't wait.  They do an U/S first to ensure the baby is ok in there, and that the dating is spot on-- it's needs to be no earlier than 10w3d.

    Truly hoping we get the results before the Nuchal Translucent as it would be nice to not be "flying blind" when we go in for that test...
    1st Pregnancy: EDD 12/31/15; Diagnosed Turner's with terminal cystic hygroma 13wks; induced at 14wks, +3 d+c's.
    2nd Pregnancy: BFP 10/8/15; EDD 6/21/16

  • That little boy in my avatar is now four. Not sure how that happened so fast.

    @nekedfeet, fx for great results from your tests!! That will be a great relief!
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  • If you do the free cell testing you can call beforehand and ask how much it would be. I had the verifi done and when I spoke to them they said if insurance didn't cover it we would only owe $99. As it turned out insurance paid $2800 for the test and they wrote off the remaining balance (I had no risk factors really, other than 2 previous mc, and I am only 24)
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