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Ovary Position for Retrieval

Hi everyone,
I am starting my first IVF cycle and at my ultrasound this morning they could not see my left ovary with the internal probe because it was so high. Doctor says if it doesn't come down there is a chance that he may not be able to access it during retrieval to get follicles. Has this happened to anyone? Any strategies to get it to move? The ultrasound tech said to eat more fiber. I'm so nervous it won't be ok.

Re: Ovary Position for Retrieval

  • I know that if you're backed up a bit (intestinally), they can have trouble seeing everything.  Are you constipated? 

    (Yeah, TMI question, but that's probably why they suggested fiber.)

    So...  try to make sure you move everything that needs to move before your next ultrasound.
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  • I don't feel like I am, but maybe that is it.
  • I actually asked my RE NP about this because they always have a hard time finding my left ovary when not stimulated.  It sits at the top of my uterus.  She downplayed it and said very rarely they can't get to it, but sometimes the stimulation makes it move into a better position - maybe because they get heavier and move down.  

    Interesting about the constipation though because I am.  I have my baseline tomorrow.  It'll be interesting what they say.  
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  • Jaqcap17 said:
    I don't feel like I am, but maybe that is it.

    Ivf stimms made me extremely constipated- you may be backed up and not even know it

  • I haven't introed yet, only been lurking, but wanted to comment because this happened to me for my first IVF this past July. I tried Mayan abdominal massage twice before it, but it didn't come down. Needless to say they couldn't get any of the eggs off that side. In hindsight I should have asked about doing insemination since they couldn't get the eggs. As it turned out, they only got two eggs on the other side and neither fertilized.  

    We're trying again this month. One of the doctors I got a second opinion from suggested a bowel prep if the ovary is high again this month. It does seem to move around, so I'm hopefully it'll be able to be reached. If it is still high right before, I'll do the bowel prep to see if they can then push it down. 

    Good luck to you.    

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    Oct. 13 started Accupuncture and Chinese herbs- being monitored by RE. Getting better response- e2 and follie size. 
    Now RE says TI till March, then IUI. Fingers crossed, 

    All welcome
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