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3yo girl can't keep her hands out of her crotch

We are about three weeks into potty training & it's going great. Only problem is, our DD had discovered her lady parts & is very curious & explorative. Any time she's on the potty or in her bath, her hands gravitate towards her vagina. She's even been touching herself through her clothes. I know this is normal & we don't want her to feel ashamed of her body but now she's irritated & red. My DH & I just kindly try to redirect her hands by offering her a toy, etc. but inevitably...the hands go there. I'm afraid she'll give herself an infection. Can anyone offer advise on how to stop this please?

mom to Clara Violet born Nov 2012 / expecting baby #2 in March 2016

Re: 3yo girl can't keep her hands out of her crotch

  • Keep her hands washed, her nails clipped and redirect if you are in a public space.

    Sometimes it's an unconscious thing, kids will do it when the zone out watching tv or whatever, so keep her occupied with other things.
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