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Absent nose bone? Baby has Down Syndrome?

So my husband and I got a call 3 weeks ago that our baby's nose bone was absent. An absent nose bone is a sign of Down Syndrome ...a regular woman's ratio for a baby with Down syndrome is 1:10000 mine was 1:41 ...the babies nose bone was absent on two ultrasounds. We have been struggling, crying and praying for the past 3 weeks. We haven't shared it with any friends we have been dealing with it solely by ourselves. A week and a half ago we went to a specialist who originally wanted to do an amniocentesis (where they stick a huge needle into my stomach and extract amniotic fluid to test) but the miscarriage rate while having that procedure is high,especially this early in the pregnancy, unless you have an amazing doctor. My husband was against me getting that test done and I agreed with him. We opted to get the Harmony test which is a blood test that separates my DNA from the babies DNA and then counts how many chromosomes the baby has. By the grace of God this morning we got a call that the baby is perfect. Our baby is perfect. My testimony this morning!

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  • @LadySamLady thank you so much! I couldn't wait to get on here and share the great news! You ladies helped me through it on my original post when I first found out
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  • That's wonderful news! I can't imagine how stressful these past few weeks must have been for you guys. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy now!
  • This is wonderful news! And right in time for Thanksgiving (not sure if you are American or not, so if not sorry!). What a wonderful blessing to be thankful for.

  • Yay for amazing news! Glad to hear everything is well with your future LO. :)
  • @sarawifenow yes I'm American :smile: thank you so much!
  • That is great news!!! You must be so relieved :) This calls for the happiest of happy gifs today (only save this one for the BEST news!). 

    happy beyonce excited queen bey jay-z

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  • Congratulations! I'm so glad that you received good news! 

  • @yogahh lmaooooooo that is my favorite gif ever! That's exactly how I felt! I wish I looked that good haha
  • @kbrands7 thank you! So glad to have this news to share
  • autie5cp said:
    @yogahh lmaooooooo that is my favorite gif ever! That's exactly how I felt! I wish I looked that good haha
    Girl, don't we all wish we could look like that. Its really not fair ;)

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  • Wonderful news!
  • Congratulations! That's excellent news!
  • Wonderful news!
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  • This news is amazing!! So happy for you and your H!!
  • I love happy updates!! Congrats on the news of a healthy baby after the weeks of worrying!
  • That's great news!!! Congrats!! :)

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  • Congrats!! I'm glad you got such good news!
  • So glad you got good news!! <3

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  • So happy for u! Congrats!

  • That's AMAZING!! Congratulations!!!
  • Yay!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Thank God! This is truly amazing news! So happy and can't wait for more updates on a great pregnancy!
  • Yay!  That's great!  Congrats on a healthy baby!!

  • Yay congratulations that is awesome news!!!
  • Wonderful news girl, thank God!
  • So happy for you both!!!! I'm sure the wait of the results was stressful but it's good to know eveything is ok!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  • What wonderful news!  So happy for you!
  • Yay congratulations
  • Awesome! Congratulations! Happy Thanksgiving indeed!
  • Glad you got the great news!!! So happy for you
  • @autie5cp my heart was breaking for you until I got to the end then I had happy tears in my eyes for you and your family. That is such amazing news. Your prayers paid off! Congratulations! I can't imagine how hard that was. Go celebrate and enjoy an amazing holiday now!! :smiley:
  • Congrats!! What great news. What a relief it must be for you!!!
  • @kp90 I've never believed there was so much power in prayer before :)
  • Thank you for all of your well wishes ladies!
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