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4 a.m. trip to the hospital

Last night around 8 pm DD started coughing. When I say coughing I mean a dry, horrific cough over and over again and would start gagging from all the coughing... My mommy instincts immediately told me something was wrong. She had another fit of coughs around 11 p.m. and as soon as DH got home from work I told him that I needed him to hear her coughs because something was making me feel like it wasn't just a cough.... At about 3:30 this morning DD was rooting and as I was about to start feeding her she began the coughing fits which led again to her gagging and then she went rigid. Her face turned red and she stopped breathing. I thought maybe she was choking so I began hitting her back, as if I were burping her. She began breathing again but I was already frantic, yelling, and DH had already grabbed her from my hands freaking out... We rushed to ER where they contributed it to an upper respiratory infection... We thought maybe whooping cough but there isnt a test to rule that or croup out... So basically we got sent home hours later and have been told to "watch for more symptoms like her turning blue". More coughing fits later, baby and mommy crying were still just hoping its a minor respiratory infection.. We have the humidifier hooked up and are having tons of cuddle sessions... Scary night. I have never been more frightened about anything in my entire life.

Re: 4 a.m. trip to the hospital

  • So scary!! Fingers crossed its a minor infection.

    The thought of watching for baby to turn blue is horrifying!!
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  • Oh I'm so sorry. My baby girl was super congested and made these terrible gagging noises a few times. It's so awful and scary. We took her to the pediatrician twice. It took a week and a half for it to clear up. I hope your Baby feels better soon. I think the humidifier helped us so hopefully it helps you too! If she is congested, steaming her in the bathroom with a hot shower, saline and the nose Frida were life savers for us. Sometimes the saline was enough to soften all the mucas so she could sneeze it out. Lots of cuddles is always good too. Good luck!!!
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  • How awful! I hope she feels better soon. Stay strong mama!
  • Sorry you had to deal with that! Our LO had similar symptoms and woke us up gagging/rigid/not breathing one night - it turned out to be due to reflux. LO is now taking Prevacid 2x a day and it seems to be helping tremendously - might be worth asking your pediatrician about it!

    Hope you're all doing ok!
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