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Childcare Woes :(

Starting the process of trying to find a day care for LO. It is soo stressful. I dont know how people can even afford to work anymore! I cant afford most day cares but i cant afford to stay home either. Let the process begin!

Re: Childcare Woes :(

  • Oh jeez! Up here (rural Minnesota) you have to look months in advance! We started looking when I was 4 months along and still had trouble finding places!
  • I also started looking when I was 4 months pregnant. Can you do part time child care? We found a wonderful facility that charges 50% of the full time cost for 25 hours a week. My husband and I were able to work it out so he does drop off and I do pick up three days a week and he has 2 weekdays with baby and I'll have weekends.
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  • As a teacher it is actually cheaper for me to stay home than return to work, especially for this year. The cost for newborn care is insane and good luck finding a place that is both reasonably priced, safe, and doesn't have a waiting list!
  • Ive found a few in home day cares that sound promising and affordable. I have some interviews set up this week.
    Any child care facility i would be looking at 350$ and up A WEEK! craziness
  • Average cost around here is $2000 a month for infants... And my LO got the last available spot at the daycare we chose when I was 6 months pregnant, and that's for March next year! Cant't imagine having another baby in a couple of years and paying for daycare for both. 
  • Yes it is insane the cost of child care. I began to look when I was 6 months pregnant . I was lucky that my church has a daycare hooked up to it. It's $100 cheaper thAn any other places that I found, thank god that since I am a member I get a discount and I get moved up on the waiting list. And my parents are helping me out in December so I don't have to put him in daycare until January. It will save us some money. If it weren't for my church daycare it wouldn't be feasible for me to return to work bc my whole check would be for daycare.
  • Wow. I thought it was just around where i live. Ive found a few that are 175 a week. Fingers crossed the interviews go well!
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