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Lo will be sleeping in the nursery from the beginning..... which we can see into the room from our room.

DH and I are stuck on what baby monitor to get, We want a video/ audio monitor but on the other hand we want to get the additional breathing/movement pads.

Did anybody get the breathing and movement pads and thought they were great or a waste or money. opinions/ advice appreciated :)

Re: Baby monitors

  • I've heard really good things about the breathing/ movement pad, I believe it's angel care. We haven't yet but plan to get and use when we transfer LO to crib.
  • And I've heard that there are too many false alarms with the breathing /movement pads. I have a Motorola video monitor and have used it for 2 kids. It's awesome. Zero complaints.


  • I have an ocam, reasonably priced works with all my phones tablets, etc we love it. I also heard about false alarms with the movement alarms.

    Also, my baby was going to be in his crib in our room at first, our room is very large and he was going to be in the opposite side. We wound up with a bassinet next to the bed for ease of soothing him at night. Sometimes they just need a quick pat, or a pacifier, and getting up and trudging across the room sucks when you're already crazy exhausted. When he is sleeping thru the night longer we'll move him, but as often as he's up, it's so much easier to have him so close.
  • Baby monitoring app by Annie! Even if you have twins sleeping seperately, it's no problem, you can still connect them. I love love love this option and it saves a lot of money that could best be spent on diapers :wink: 
  • The "Cloud Baby Monitor" app is awesome!!! Use your phone or iPad as a video and audio monitor...only $3.99! You can even see baby on video from outside of the home using cellular data!
  • We have the Motorola Color: MBP43-2 |, which has 2 cameras. It's been perfect for us. The video quality is great, and the 2 cameras are helpful for extra coverage in the room. We have 2 babies, so it's necessary for us...but I can imagine that it would be helpful even with 1 baby once they start to get more active.

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