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Sorry for the rant but hubby may drive me crazy..

Anyone else at the end of their wits with their other halves. He was out all day helping someone move but actually only moved a dining room set but says he's too nice to tell the guy he's going home if their not working and in spite of this is going back tomorrow to help, I am having constant anxiety/ and anxiety attacks as my due date has come and gone and I'm struggling with the idea of inducing or waiting longer, convinced soemthing is wrong with baby that she's moving less but I think my anxiety is causing paranoia, we are moving in the next few weeks, I will be home alone majority of the time with a new baby and 2 sometimes ill behaved dogs, we have no family in the same state. Am I crazy, hormonal, irrational or all of the above..and please tell me I'm not the only one..??

Re: Sorry for the rant but hubby may drive me crazy..

  • Well, for starters, I think it is pretty safe to say that you are not the only one.
    I have been an inconsistent emotional roller coaster for last few weeks. If you feel really uncomfortable with your partner being away from you at this time (for reasons that don't necessarily seem necessary) than you should definitely let him know.  
    I understand about the anxiety, there is a lot of pressure right now mixed with final "last" concerns of being a parent.
    I  know this is easier said than done, I am saying this just as much to myself as you, but take each day one at a time. 
    If there is anything that can make your move in a few weeks easier, maybe see if you and your husband can work on it together?
    Anything to keep my busy might help. 

    If you are feeling anxious at all about baby's movements, regardless if anyone is telling you it is normal this part of pregnancy that there is less movement, get checked out!! The piece of mind it is worth to address worries like that is priceless.

    I'm a first time mom, so I have no real experience or understanding of what is to come. I can't help you there, but I know reading some of these other threads help a lot. The Recovery thread is nice, (though don't read if you are nervous about recovery, shib gets real in there!) But I like it because it's just a bunch of momma's talking about their bodies and babies after this huge event we are all waiting for here! No one there is really talking about not being able to do dishes or how they need to vacuum or do much of anything besides takes care of their little's ones and their bodies. 
    Maybe browse some of those for some perspective :)

    I think the level of what is acceptable craziness changes depending on our situation, and right now the bar is set much higher than usual.
    You've got a lot on your plate, so open up to your partner about more than just him being gone to help a friend move stuff. Let him know your other worries you've got going on... Hopefully that'll help ease some of them..goodluck and hope your lo gets a move on :)

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