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Baby's First Vacation

I searched to try and find this topic but nothing came up so sorry if it's been previously discussed. I want to start planning and saving for our family vacation next year, and I would like it to be a beach location DH has never been to the beach. We plan on going is September or October so LO will be around a year old. What are some good family oriented beach vacation spots? We live in Kentucky so somewhere on the Eastern coast or Gulf of Mexico would be best. I'm considering Myrtle Beach I went last year and it was lovely. Also, we would prefer to wait on a trip to Disney for a while until she is big enough to ride some rides since she is our only child. TIA. :)

Re: Baby's First Vacation

  • We also live in Kentucky and Hilton Head is our go-to destination for family vacations. It's very nice there and definitely family oriented! There are tons of bike trails and places to rent bikes for cheap. The beach is also great for walking or riding your bike on.
  • Gulf Shores, AL is quiet and very family friendly. It's 30 to 40 minutes from the FL AL border. From the Northern Kentucky Area, we did the drive in 13 hours with several stops.
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  • We're going to Key Largo in January! I read it was a good family friendly vacation destination.
  • I'm sure you thought of this, but I would rent a house over a hotel room... I think it would be easier with LO.
    Over the summer, the in laws are taking us to an all inclusive resort in Cancun. They are coming with us to help with babysitting him! I can't wait.
  • @koriemo oh yeah! I prefer renting a condo than hotels when I vacation anyway because you can save a lot of money on food that way.
  • Myrtle has very calm water in comparison to OBX. I would check out North Myrtle, it's less crowded.
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    If you go to Myrtle, check out Pawleys Island. The rip current can be very strong, but you won't be taking LO out in the water far anyway. It is a very gradual slope to the water. Plus, the tide comes in really far and there are tons of tide pools and clear sand. There were 3 turtle nests last year and many birds, crabs, starfish etc. Hubs and I prefer OBX the most out of the beaches. The waves are a little stronger, but again, you won't be taking LO out really. OBX is far less touristy in my opinion, especially the farther south you get. There are fewer people as well. It's more low key and you have the National Seashore which is gorgeous. Plus, you take the ferry to Ocracoke and have some Howard's...delish. You can also go to Jockey Ridge State Park which is near Duck and have a ton of fun with kites. It is the neatest experience, like you're in a dessert it is such a large dune.

    ETA: take something for LO to swim in. They have little pools to take with you and fill with sea water so you don't have to always be in the surf. Keeps LO cool and contained.
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