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Nanny Share Issue - Advice on conflicting nap schedules?

We have been in a nanny share for about 10 months now and for the most part, it's fine.  We entered into a situation where the other family already had the nanny to themselves for about 4 months but have known her for 20 years.  They have 2 children - a 21-month old and an 8-year old.  My son is 13 months.  My son requires 2 naps still - a morning and afternoon - while their son only requires a midday nap.  Basically - our child is being picked up right before him morning nap and instead of brought into their house for a proper nap, they bring their child out for fresh-air time.  I am willing to allow for the unknown on occasion, but this is happening on a daily basis and my child is suffering for it.  I've addressed it on more than one occasion with the nanny and have now escalated it to the other family.  Part of the issue is we are only involved in the share on a part-time basis (3-days/week) but I don't feel that should have any bearing over it.

I suppose the reality is I'm just tired of my child's needs never being in the foreground.  He deserves to have the naps he developmentally needs and we deserve to be recognized as paying employers!  Has anyone dealt with a similar situation in the past?  How did you address the issue diplomatically?  What was the result?

I'd love some insight.
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