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How much should I help out?

So how much help do I give my planner (Friend and coworker)? What is the correct amount of help to offer? I don't want her to do this all on her own because she was very kind to throw me a shower and I want to be able to do whatever I can to make it easier. But is there etiquette around this sort of thing?

Re: How much should I help out?

  • You don't do anything unless she asks you to do something specific or asks you to choose something.
  • If you want to throw out a general "if you need any help, let me know", ok.  But past that?  sit back and let her ask you/take you up on your offer.  If she says "Nope- I got it under control", then let it go.

    People who offer to throw showers- they usually do so knowing that is entailed.  And really, they aren't THAT difficult of an event to throw. 
  • Ok thanks :) This helps. 
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