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Going crazy @ 5 wks

Today I am 5w1d. With my last loss in June, I lost all symptoms around this time. And I knew something was wrong. So far with this pregnancy I haven't really had many symptoms, just some sore breasts and feeling tired. I feel like the symptoms I am feeling are from the prometrium that I am taking (100mg oral) I don't feel pregnant and I am just terrified of having another miscarriage. I am going in tomorrow afternoon for another beta. My first one at 11 dpo was 93, which my doctor said was low. I am so nervous. I just cannot stay calm and all I do all day is worry. I feel like if I can at least see a hb then I will calm down a little, but I have another week until my doc will do a scan for me. And I know that every pregnancy is different, but I keep comparing to when I was pregnant with my daughter. At 5w2d I was in the er with her because I had really bad lower abdominal pains. I haven't had that this time (or with my loss) and it worries me. Maybe it's because I have been pregnant and am already stretched out? Is anyone in the same boat? Just totally freaking out?!

Re: Going crazy @ 5 wks

  • Oh and please no snarky comments. I'm already worried enough. Thanks
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    Here's the opposite of snarky: I had exactly the same beta as you at exactly the same time. And I had some kind of intense bleeding the very night I got my BFP from the doc's office. There isn't really a "too low". It's all about how you double in that 48-72 hour period--so that wasn't helpful for the doc to say. I'm now 11 weeks. Of course praying that baby continues to stick.

    There's no magic bullet for not worrying, but don't worry about your beta. If you google normal betas, they are like 5 to 15000 for that time period. Huge range. And again, without a second test within the right time frame, there is no real info to go on. Try not to worry :p
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  • Thank you! I am going back tomorrow for another. She said she didn't want to do it every 2 days because she knew it would drive me crazy. But so does waiting haha. It's just the worst to think that you are pregnant for weeks and then it doesn't work out. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  • I got this BFP at 10dpo and had my first beta done at 13dpo. It was 109 which they said was low. At 16dpo it was 540. So it more than doubled/tripled. Then at 6w3d they couldn't find anything but a yolk sac on ultrasound. Did another beta, it was 40,239. Which my doc said was very high. So I went back at 7w3d for another scan and we saw a baby measuring 7w1d with a hr of 129. So I'm basically saying that first beta means nothing. Try not to freak out too much. I know easier said than done. The first few weeks are so so hard. So is the rest but I find weeks 3-8 to be the hardest bc there is just so much waiting and unanswered questions.
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  • Thank you. Yes I totally agree with you. Those are the hardest weeks to get through. Both of my mc were around 8 weeks. I'm trying to keep my mind of it, so I started putting up my Christmas decorations lol. Thought that would keep my spirits up.
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    How far along are you now?
  • I'm 8w4d. Great idea on the Christmas decor!! It's hard(er) to feel down with all those lights twinkling!!
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  • I hardly had any symptoms with this one, maybe a little nausea here and there and fatigue, but nothing to write home about.  I agree with PPs it is all about taking it one day at a time at this point.  I had count down calendars on my phone so I could see how many days until the loss date, how many days until my next appointment, and how many days until the end of the first trimester.  Even though it seemed to move so slow it calmed me down, and now they seem to be moving so fast.  I'll be 21wks on Thursday.  Good Luck at your appointment!!
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  • I have no idea why they'd tell you that was low, what matters is that it doubles..or come close.
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    Thanks ladies that makes me feel better. Yes I don't know why she would tell me that was low either. Especially since she knows what a freak show I am :)
  • I wasn't having very many symptoms at my 5 week mark and I was really worried too! Now I'm at 7w4d and boy did the symptoms kick in. I think they really started at 6 weeks. Like pp said don't worry about your results were low! The only thing they should be concerned about with the results is making sure they are doubling! Good luck!!
  • Welcome and congrats! Earlier in this pregnancy (after a loss in June) I really loved checking this site every day and watching the numbers go down: . My husband and I would even have little celebrations when we hit certain numbers - I think we had cupcakes on 10% day. Maybe that's super dark, but it worked for us.

    As far as an u/s goes, I'd strongly advise to wait a bit longer than you probably want to - I wanted one at 6 weeks BAD and because of scheduling ended up going at 6w5d. Turns out I ovulated a little later than I thought and my dates were about 5 days ahead - if I'd had an u/s on the day I wanted one, I probably would have seen an empty sac and spent the next week sobbing for no reason.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble, big hugs to you. :)
  • I am in the same boat. I had a miscarriage in June and just counting down daily. I am 5 weeks 5 days. It's very stressful and mostly all I think about. Praying for all of us.
  • I had my second beta yesterday and just got my results. It was 13,000. I was not expected that. They want me to come in tomorrow morning for an us. I'm so happy and keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow
  • Congrats to you ladies!
  • Good luck!!
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