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baby nightmare

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So my baby girl more often than I think she should wakes up screaming bloody murder from what is obviously a bad dream. I almost want to cry when she does it. Any other moms' babies do this yet ?

Re: baby nightmare

  • my girl actually did this today she does it maybe twice a week and it's always during naps never at night yet. she gets this pitiful look on her face and cries it definitely a different cry than normal I guess a scared cry I just wake her up and cuddle her she usually smiles after wards but doesn't go back to sleep for a while
  • It's happened to us maybe 2 or 3 times. She'll scream/cry in her sleep but it doesn't really wake her up. Definitely a bad dream.
  • My son has done this too a couple times. He doesn't wake up though. It is heart wrenching tho huh?
  • Yes my LO does this, only during naps and only if she's sleeping on me usually. It's a different, heart breaking cry. The first time it happened it scared me!
  • I've had this infrequently and just assumed it was bad gas waking her.
  • I had night terrors as a child and apparently they can be genetic. Our little guy screams inn his sleep all the time without being awake
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    before becoming a SAHM I was a preschool teacher for 12-24 month olds and a few of them had night terrors at nap time, but frequently. I brought my heart and no matter what we did, it was impossible to console them on occasion. I felt useless and my heart just broke for them. Night terror screams are like no other cry...poor babies :(
  • Yes! It panicked me slightly bc my DH has intense night terrors a few times a month (I blame the military). He'll wake up screaming and sometimes crying and I basically have to turn into an instant therapist to bring him down. I can't imagine doing this for him and baby! Everyone needs to calm down at night! Sheesh!
  • My daughters done it a few times and I always get worried but then within minutes she's asleep again x
  • My boy does it too he also do big smile during his sleep when is a good dream
  • My middle son was like this and it continues as night terrors now at 3.5 yrs, however it is better... or I'm better at heading it off, he often mumbles or calls out to me before a full blown terror... if I wake him completely and then put him back to bed (as opposed to keeping him sleepy and trying to sooth him with out waking) we can manage them to some extent. It started this young with terrible screams in his sleep and crying without the ability to sooth him. It took me a while to realize he wasn't awake... i have to clearly wake him to sooth him at all.
  • OMG YES. My baby did this the other night and my husband immediately started screaming bloody murder in his sleep as well. I thought my whole family was being killed. Couldn't stop shaking for a solid ten minutes, lol.
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