Pregnant after a Loss

Different BFP DPO?

With my DD I didn't test till 14DPO. My loss I tested positive at 7DPO. I just tested today... 7DPO and BFN.

Wondering if your BFP days have been different for each I have hope?

Re: Different BFP DPO?

  • I tested positive at 11 dpo for my loss and at 9 dpo (just barely!) this time. The 2ww is awful. Best of luck to you!
  • With my first I wasn't sure how far past o I was but I was a week or so early for my period. With this one I was 15 dpo before I got a bfp (it literally was a negative a day and a halt before)
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  • With my DS, my positive was ~9dpo (was not tracking closely)
    With my miscarriage, 10dpo
    With this pregnancy, I got the slightest positive on a Wondfo at 11dpo, but couldn't turn a digital until 12dpo.  
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