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Very confused mama to be here!

I know I want to do CD but am unsure of how it will save money if I keep having to buy bigger sizes as my little one grows? How long before you have to buy bigger??

Help is appreciated.

Re: Very confused mama to be here!

  • I got a discount set for newborn/first size whichgoes up to about 12kg... (cost £50)

    I will then be using the one size best bottoms.. They have snaps to help fit correctly as the child.grows

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  • FTM, but I'm planning on mostly disposables until the one size's fit...Unless I feel comfortable starting to incorporate them beforehand and my baby is big enough.
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  • Also, you can sell them when you are done and make part of your money back

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  • There are diapers that are sized and others that aren't! If you want to cloth diaper from the beginning you will need a minimum of two sizes-newborn and one size. We did this, with pretty expensive brand, and have already saved money over disposables with just one baby.
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  • We skipped cloth newborn diapers and got one size all in ones. OS diapers grow from about 8# to 30#, so they should be able to stay on your baby until they're potty trained.
  • We had newborn and OS, a mix of big brands, and we still saved a ton of money with DD1. I sold my newborn stash after DD2, and got most of the money back! Both my girls were 7.5lbs at birth, but gained slowly, so they wore newborn for 2 months each.

    My OS stash lasted DD1 til she was out of diapers at 20mo. Then I bought some cloth trainers. I had to replace some elastics for DD2, but I'm mostly diapering her for free-big savings!!
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