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Lump on Nipple

Hi ladies, I'm a mom of an 18 month old and I'm 24 weeks along with baby #2.  LO still nurses (but my milk supply is very low, so it's only twice a day and with very limited output).  However, he nurses for a long time - maybe 20 minutes in the morning but upwards of 30-40 minutes in the evenings (mostly just stays latched, not active nursing).  In the last month, I've noticed a somewhat painful knot come up on my nipple.  It's not a blister or blib (I've had those), and there's no clog behind it.  This week, the knot went from nipple pink to white.  It's like a hard tiny pearl has come to the surface.  It's pretty uncomfortable.  

I've not been able to get in to see my PCP this week, and my OB and gyno are booked solidly/both recommended trying with my PCP first for a referral to the breast center.  Since it's now the weekend and I'm SOL until Monday or later, I thought I'd pop over here in case anyone has encountered something familiar.  Google hasn't been very helpful.

Could it be an irritation from LO being latched for so long with so many teeth (molars are all in)?  Or something else entirely?  I'm assuming it's more than just teeth related.  And it looks and feels like another one is developing on the same nipple.  Any thoughts?  

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