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8 day old breast milk?

I only work part time Monday's and pump for the day at work, I refrigerate all that milk for my LO to have for the following Monday, every website I have looked at varies in the days that milk is safe to store. Should I be freezing the milk or am I safe to use it?

Re: 8 day old breast milk?

  • I don't go past 4-5 days. At 4 days I make the decision to freeze or feed, and at 5, toss. If I were you, I'd most likely freeze. You may be able to get away with it if you put it in the back of the fridge near the top (where it's coldest) and also lower the temperature of the fridge as much as possible.
  • The most I've waited is 5 days but I really try to avoid that. If you really want to try to use it, at least do a smell test first (mix it before smelling). However, it sounds like freezing it makes the most sense.

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  • Oh, yes, do a smell test and taste test for sure at 8 days! Even then, know you will definitely have a relatively high level of bacteria in the milk, which could be ok (not all milk-loving bacteria is harmful). It's definitely riskier than 5-day old milk, and it could well be a risk that's perfectly fine to take, but to some extent it depends on your own comfort. If you've been doing it for a while now without ill effects, then that's a good sign.
  • I wouldn't go past 5 days and I read after 3 days in fridge milk starts losing nutrition. If you are pumping Monday for next Monday I would freeze right away and defrost Sunday night in fridge.
  • Five days has been my limit, but I EP now that I'm back at work so I normally don't go past one day. Taste it though. If it's bad, you'll know.
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