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Can anyone relate?

Hey ladies, so sorry we are all here. I was curious as to if anyone who had chromosomal abnormalities during the pregnancy and result in a MC. My doctor had told me I had chromosomal abnormalities and that's a big thing that caused my MC. I found out I was O negative blood type and I need a certain shot every time I get pregnant that way my blood type, partners blood type, and baby's blood type don't all combine and clash. I had a horrible doctors expierence there I ended up having to go to the hospital to get more information and still after then wasn't for certain what I need in the future. I have an apt November 19 for a check up and to ask more questions and hope to get more informative answers. I am 2 1/2 months post MC. Has anyone else been told they need a certain shot while pregnant? Any expierences and advice would help, thank you ladies. Hugs and love to all.

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  • I don't have experience but that shot is for RH factor. Any women whose blood type includes a negative and the fathers is positive needs this shot.
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  • The shot is the RhoGAM and it is given to all women that are RH negative to prevent issues between your and your baby's blood type. What he meant by the blood types clashing is that your DH's is positive and yours is negative, the baby's blood type is positive and any time you give birth or have a MC, the baby's blood will come in contact with your system. This causes your body to create antibodies to fight the blood and it can cause problems with subsequent pregnancies. First pregnancies should not have this issue and this is not the reason you lost baby (in case you had doubts). This becomes an issue after you've been pregnant before and your body has already developed these antibodies. Before a MC or giving birth, yours and your baby's blood are kept completely separate by the placenta.

    As far as the chromosome issues, some parents can have these and they cause multiple miscarriages because the chromosomes are genetically predisposed to not work correctly. There's always a chance that you'll have a healthy pregnancy but your doctor will tell you more about that. It depends on what the issue is and why it's happening. Don't lose hope!
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  • @AlwaysAuntNeverMom
    Yes Rhogam shot I had that in the hospital right after I MC. I didn't know that couldn't cause the mc that is very informative thank you so much, everyone in the doctors office and even hospital didn't tell me anything nothing at all informative. When I go in next Thursday I will get more info on this all and find out what I need to do for future pregnancies. Hopefully it's nothing to complicated. Thank you so much for your response. I will try and not to loose hope. Prayers and hugs to you sweet girl!
  • I actually found a card from the hospital from when my husband was born that says Rh positive on it. He obviously doesn't know anything about it, but I may have to ask his mom
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