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Pre-Eclampsia and Post Birth BP Issues

Wondering if anyone here is on their 2nd or 3rd child and had issues with Pre-Eclampsia in a past pregnancy.

With my 2nd I had pre-eclampsia and was induced 4 weeks before my due date. After birth, my BP shot up to 220/116 (hypertensive crisis) and I was rushed to the emergency room 2 days post-partum. 

That was 5 years ago. The whole pregnancy was very stressful (outside family issues, etc). This time around, my doctor is well aware of my past issues, I'm on a baby aspirin to attempt to keep my BP down, and I'm taking better care of myself.

Anyone here end up having a normal delivery after pre-eclampsia in the past? 

Re: Pre-Eclampsia and Post Birth BP Issues

  • I had a very mild case of pre-e (its debateable if i just had high bp or actual pre-e) post partum with first pregnancy, delivered at 39 weeks this time and unfortunately had some PP BP issues again, the positive thing was we were prepared for it and jumped right to the medication dosage that worked for me last time and i was out of the hospital much more quickly.  On day of delivery my BP was up and platlets were dropping fast so thankful we scheduled it early. Hopefully you dont have to deal with it again but if you do at least your dr will be on the lookout and can keep things under control so it should be less stressful! 

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    With my first I had massive gross bilateral lower extremity edema and mild preE (monitored but didn't need to be induced or anything - went into labor naturally at 40w), but had PP toxemia afterwards and was on all kinds of heart/htn medications.
    Second and third pregnancies I had zero issues with my blood pressure, and no postpartum complications. 4th pregnancy was a MC, and now I'm 23w with my 5th pregnancy and haven't had any hypertensive concerns arise so far. Hoping for another complication-free pregnancy, L&D, and recovery.

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