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Anti-anxiety meds after birth

I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder about 6 years ago and did meds. I've been off for about 5 years but dr talked to me about re-starting since my son was born 4 days ago. I've been crying alot which I think is ok and normal. I wasnt depressed after ds1 was born but very moody and dh did ask if I felt depressed. This is just a way to kind of nip in the bud before it starts because I was so sleepy, moody, and irritable after giving birth last time but of course worried about side effects. They assured me it's ok with breastfeeding. Anyone else doing meds?

Re: Anti-anxiety meds after birth

  • OI have continued my meds throughout pregnancy and I will once baby is here. The risk of going without them is worse than the risk of staying on them.
  • Iv been on anti depressants and anxiety pills since I was 16. I kept taking myself off the pills thinking I was better and I was not. It sent me down a tramatic spiral every time. The last time a therapist had to explain why I got worse every time. The side effects would get worse if you were not on it then if you were in my opinion. Usually signs of depression start with mood swings, uncontrollable crying and sleeping all through out the day. Mine got bad when the anger kicked in and I was able to punch a hole in a wall. Thankfully this pregnancy has given me the opposite effect since the minute I found out I have not been on the pill. I am considering going back on the pill in sake of my son because I saw how out of control I was before and I don't want to take it out on him or have an episode when he is around. Go with your gut feeling.
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  • I took benzos during and after. All doctors including maternal fetal specialists, pediatrician, prenatal psychiatrist, neonatologist on staff at hospital, and lactation consultant all said with green lights go. the only doctor that disagreed with the breastfeeding was the psychiatrist BUT she doesn't specialize in babies so I took the advice of maternal fetal specialists, pediatrition, neonatologist, and lactation consultant on that one! go with your gut mama!
  • I would definitely agree with going with your gut. I've been off my ADHD medication and anti depressants and I've been working with my OB and other doctors to figure out the best course of action for transitioning from pregnancy to motherhood. Point being if you feel like you will need the medication it's better to be proactive. You gotta be healthy not just for you but for your little one.
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