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U/S at 6 weeks? What's your baby's heartRate?

Anyone else have an early ultrasound? Did you see the heartbeat ? It so what was it?

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    I had one at 7w that had me measuring at 6w4d heart rate at 136!
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Re: U/S at 6 weeks? What's your baby's heartRate?

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  • hi. I had an U/S at exactly 6w0d. I had some bleeding so my doc saw me on Saturday since he was on call. No HB yet, but the yolk sac and fetal pole measurements were exactly on target. Our next appt is the 17th. Will be just over 7 weeks so hopefully will see a heartbeat then!
  • I'm 6 weeks 2 days I just had one today and it's heart rate was 117. But I've heard most of the time you don't see one until 8 weeks.
  • At 7+6wks the heartbeat was 173. We are now in the 150s at 19wks.
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  • Ours was 135 today and were
    6w6d but was measuring 6w3d so I thought that was high but she said normal heart range!!
  • At 6w4d, hb was in the 140s.. At 13 weeks it was in the 160s.
  • Baby A had 117, baby B had 123
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