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"When he's ready you'll know!"

Is anyone else really tired of hearing things like this? Yes, obviously I will know. There will be a small child trying to get out of my body via my vagina! Or people saying "you only have x days left!" Thank you! I'd completely forgotten!!!!

Rant over :-/

Re: "When he's ready you'll know!"

  • Yes! Sooo annoying. They keep telling me the same thing over and over, you better be walking, having sex, exercising etc.
  • So annoyed with the texts and calls. I will let you know people!
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  • Yes. Looking to begin winter hibernation! Everyone is same nice and excited I want to punch them! Neighbors, friends texting, my mom calling twice a day to "check in". I have nothing left to chat about and I will keep you posted!
  • My office has running bets on when they actually think baby will come. But I'm getting really sick of hearing:
    "Your baby will come late because you're a FTM and your body has never been through labor before."
    Or "you'll have her early because you're so small."

    ... she's going to come when she decides to, or when she gets her eviction notice, okay, people? Stop commenting on it. Thank you. Lol. Coworkers are the worst.
  • semulcahy said:

    Is anyone else really tired of hearing things like this? Yes, obviously I will know. There will be a small child trying to get out of my body via my vagina! Or people saying "you only have x days left!" Thank you! I'd completely forgotten!!!!

    Rant over :-/

    Haha if you don't know...well there may be a problem! Lol
  • Yeah....I am now 41w5d and down to the wire. OMG, get out child!
  • Why haven't they induced you yet? @NathanheartsKim
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    @helloaustin123 Because the BPP and the NST still show baby is very happy and content and there is plenty of amniotic fluid, etc. My first 2 were also late, just not this late. However, if baby doesnt come by tomorrow night then I can't deliver at the birth center anymore and a hospital induction will probably be required. :(
  • Yeah I don't even need my Bump countdown because I get one daily at work. Hoping LO makes an appearance this weekend as I'm over working and kick count stress. Plus DH is starting a new job so if he comes a week early we can all be home together for a week! But, not holding my breath lol.
  • I love when people tell me I'm going to go early. Because they know more about what's going on inside my uterus than I do, apparently. 9 days till my EDD, 23 days max till eviction (please let it not be so), so fuck off with your predictions!

    And if one more person tells me to have sex with DH to induce labor, I will punch them! I'm not that desperate yet, people, and it's none of your beeswax anyway.

    You won't make it. Well I am 2 days past my due date. Looks like I proved everyone wrong for the second time. DD2 was one week late.

    You got to be miserable. Physical no I am not actually. Mentally just stabby and ready to meet this LO.
  • I am definitely over everyone's comments, calls, etc. my SIL texts me everyday saying she's had a dream I had the baby so she's coming today. I'm glad your dreams are seeing the future. She's not even close to coming. She's stubborn and is enjoying torturing me.
  • My MIL calls EVERY DAY!! I am not due for 2 weeks. I told her she needed to stop or she was going to make my head explode. She just laughed. And if one more person at works looks directly at me and asks if I have had my baby yet, I may throat punch them. No, I had it and still have this ENORMOUS belly, thanks for asking!!
  • My mom calls me literally 8-10times a day just to check in. Every time I call a family member or friend they yell "Is it time!?" Yes the only time or reason I want to talk to anyone is to say the baby is coming. Everyday my sister yells at my husband and I saying to get in bed and have sex! Every time we shut a door we hear "ooo I hope you're having sex to get him here!" PEOPLE! I am not even to my EDD yet! Get off my case for two seconds!!
    Okay I think I'm done now.
  • My due date is in 4 days... I'm getting tired of hearing wow, he's still not here yet? Omg how much longer do you have? Aren't you tired of waiting?? Um... Those comments are not appreciated. I am aware I am still uncomfortable & very pregnant
  • Oh I just have to add that people have been calling DH for the past week asking when the baby is coming. He didn't want to tell me because he knows it's been stressing me out how much everyone has been bothering me. He got two calls within a 20 min span on our way home tonight. Jeez people. We will tell you.
  • I am currently 40+3 and it feels like I'm even more overdue than I am since everyone asks if I'm still pregnant. I started telling them no, that I already had the baby but I had the doctor put an implant in my uterus so I'll look pregnant forever and I get to keep my table (aka my effing huge belly). And if one more person tells me "what I need to do" to get my son out I'm going to tell them what THEY need to do. (Hint: it is not a ladylike sentence)
  • ashes0601ashes0601 member
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    I am now getting the questions from MIL "well if you can't get to your hospital in time are you going to the local hospital instead? You could go there in the emergency room right??"

    Me: "uh that's not my birth plan so please stop

    Or the phone calls, I don't answer because I'm busy, and then I get a text following the call "I just called you you didn't answer"

    No shit.

    I am so ready to be forgotten about!
  • 38+4 and its now turned into a DAILY event when I come in.

    "Oh she's here! We thought you would go into labor this weekend!"

    "Shes here! She was just running late, no labor."

    Like I get my team is excited but I don't need a daily reminder that baby isn't here yet. I dread days I'm running a little late into the office.
  • ashes0601 said:

    I am so ready to be forgotten about!
    This.  Thank you for putting my feelings into words!  
  • I'm really not looking forward to the onslaught of visitors I'll have right after baby is born, that will completely disappear after two-three weeks. Like, those first few weeks are when me, baby and daddy need to be alone! I promise you won't miss much!
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