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Baby chewing wrist and bleeding

I just posted this in May 2015 but could use the advice of the wiser crowd. ;)

My LO cut his bottom front teeth a month ago and he's been chewing and sucking on everything since, including his own hands. This wasn't a problem until I started noticing little spots of blood on his sheets and figured out that he has actually bit his own wrist to the point of drawing blood.

Has anyone had this happen? Is this behavioral or just an accident? He does seem to do it when he's tired or about to fall asleep, but otherwise, during the day, he doesn't seem any more moody than usually.

Re: Baby chewing wrist and bleeding

  • My DD2 does something similar. Not biting but she will claw the insides of her ears to the point of bleeding. At one point her right ear had a huge gash and scab. I tried keeping her nails really short and if I saw her hand going in there I would pull it away. But if she did it while falling asleep there was nothing I could do about that.

    In your case, maybe put baby socks on his hands when you put him to sleep so it will create a barrier to protect the skin?

    They do grow out of it eventually.

    It's the same thing as a kid clawing the mom while BFing... C did that too a bit...
    Weird kids.
  • Thanks @harmonicababe26! Glad to know I'm not alone and that they grow out of it!
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