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When to exercise again

Just had another question.  Even though I know I have symptoms of PCOS with no real diagnosis (I'm planning on meeting with the OB my GP wanted me to go to for my pregnancy before I had the m/c) I want to get back on the exercise routine again.  Now that I know I can get pregnant I feel like there is more I could have done for it to have progressed that I didn't do before I got pregnant.  I know it isn't my fault that it happened, I just feel like I could have done more beforehand and I didn't.

With that being said, how long did you wait before exercising again?

Re: When to exercise again

  • So sorry about your loss. I waited 2 weeks with my first mc and only 1 week with this mc. I just wanted to feel good again and have some control over my body! Plus I'd like to lose the 5 pounds I gained from both pregnancies and the in between time. I feel much better now that I'm working out again. I'd say it's up to you and how you are feeling. Take care :)
  • Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my miscarriage. I was only physically in rough shape for 4 days due to the MC, but I haven't started exercising again yet. Mostly, it's been hard to get back in a routine because I've been feeling fatigued and just out of the habit. I need to start doing something, though, because not exercising is really not good for my mental health.
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  • I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

    I didn't exercise while I was actively bleeding because my energy was just zapped, but I started slowly a few days after.  I am still honestly easing back into where I was before finding out I was pregnant, but I'm pretty close.  My energy level was really low for quite a few days.  I would definitely give yourself several days after you finish bleeding and do things like walking and light yoga.  I was back to running within 4-5 days post bleeding and lifting weights a few days after that.  (Modified just for how I was feeling, but anything was better than nothing I felt.)
    Just a note, I did yoga once a week pre-pregnancy, and I assumed that would be the best exercise after miscarriage for stress and health. I did it a week after bleeding ended, but it was the only painful exercise I did - any type of lunge or warrior position just caused this terrible stretch/pain across my low abdomen.  The doctor said it wasn't an concern, just a signal to wait longer because the muscles were still adjusting.  If you used to do yoga, just start slow.  Within 2 weeks of bleeding the stretching was gone.  Best of luck to you in the future.
  • After m D&C, I took a week off and tried to eat as healthy. I am such a fitness junkie, so it was hard, but it gave my body a chance to heal and allow myself to try to relax. I was so happy to get back to the gym, did some light cardio (elliptical and bike) the first week and then got back to weights the second week. Sometimes getting back into working out, especially the second week was kind of hard because I experienced quite a bit of bloating I'm 3 weeks post D&C and feeling more like myself in the gym and wanting to lose a few lbs I gained. Don't be too hard on yourself and use fitness as a time to unwind feelings (anxiety, fear, anger, depression, etc)
  • Thanks,

    I thankfully didn't need a D&C, just lots of rest.  I feel like there was more things I could have been doing health wise that I wasn't doing, hopefully I can turn things around enough before the next pregnancy comes along.
  • I asked my doctor when I could go back to exercises and she said it would be fine to start back whenever I felt up to it.

    So far I've been totally exhausted still. I feel like I've been through the wringer (so to speak) emotionally and physically the last several days. I'm planning to start back going to walks and maybe doing some light yoga tomorrow or the next day since I've finally stopped bleeding. I'm not sure how long it will take me from there to get back to any real exercise. I guess I'll just do what I can when I can and try to make healthy food choices while my body gets back to normal.

    I understand what you mean about feeling as if maybe I didn't do enough before pregnancy. I've been a bit overweight for the last year or 2. I did completely overhaul my diet a couple of months before I got pregnant so everything I eat is healthy and nutrient dense for the calories. I lost about 10 pounds just from making that change but I'd really like to lose another 20 or so. DH insists that since I'm healthy at the weight I am now I shouldn't worry about it but I know I'd feel better about myself if I weighed less. I'm planning on trying to lose some of that weight while I wait to start back trying and such. Hopefully by the time I get my BFP for my rainbow baby (if I ever do...) I'll be a healthier weight and feel better about myself. And hopefully that will leave me feeling more like I did everything I could to give myself my best chance at conception and a healthy pregnancy. However, do know that what happened to you is absolutely not your fault!
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  • I waited two weeks after the d and c . I feel better now that I can work out again . It's helping me cope and I'm trying to lose the few pounds I gained when emotionally eating after finding out I was miscarrying .
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