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Which Diapers Should I Get?

I am heading back to work in about a week, unfortunately, and the home daycare I am taking her to doesn't do cloth diapers. When I have used disposable I have noticed my baby's bottom get red, and that's only after a few hours of errands. Can anyone recommend disposable diapers for those that use cloth at home?

Re: Which Diapers Should I Get?

  • We use luvs and they have been amazing our LO had a sensitive bottom and nothing so far since we switched
  • Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive. We tried Huggies, but they leaked a lot.
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  • I've had good luck with pampers swaddlers and a dab of Boudreaux butt paste 16%zinc. Aquaphor is a good product too.
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    We use Kirkland from Costco and they're great, haven't had hardly any blow outs. We also put Vaseline on her butt during each diaper change and we haven't had any issues yet (knock on wood).

    We spend $29 for 192 (size 1)
  • We have been using honest co. Our sitter also won't cloth diaper and these seem to work well. 80 size ones for $25 at target.
  • I love the babyganics diapers- no leaks! (At least for me)
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  • We used pampers sensitive the hospital and when we first got home. We are now using Huggies because we got a big box as a gift. They both work and no reactions....but I feel like the pampers were less baggy on her, fit her better. But I like the way that Huggies are cut along the top, makes it easy to secure the tape. So sort of a toss up for me right now.
    I would just get a small bag of a few different branda and see what you like best before getting a big box.
  • I switch between Huggies and Pampers Baby Dry because if I use one brand too long, my daughter gets a rash. I feel that the huggies contain her messes the best, but baby dry work too. I had HORRIBLE luck with Pampers swaddlers - whenever I used them, there was poop and pee EVERYWHERE!
  • I use pampers swaddlers and have no issues. I did try luvs. While they didn't leak I found her skin was wet if the diaper got top soaked (not an issue with pampers ) and they are very noisy. Even though you get more for your money with luvs I found myself changing her more often. I just bought huggies bc target was out of her size pampers but haven't tried them yet.
  • We usually use Pampers but love Target brand too!
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  • I agree luvs are cheaper but don't pull the wetness off the skin like pampers do so I change baby more often so the cost all comes out in the wash.
  • Bambo Nature = the BEST natural diapers on the market.
  • Pampers swaddlers with layer of aquaphor on his rash
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