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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Need some advice....

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Hi everyone, I have a question about miscarriage. This is my first pregnancy. I went to the doctor 2 days ago for my first appointment and there was no heartbeat. They did a transvaginal ultrasound and the baby was measuring 9 weeks and 2 days. The next day I had another one with the MFM to confirm it. They have scheduled me for a D&C, but it's not until next week. My question is what if I start to miscarry before then? Should I go to the ER? Will they do an emergency D&C? I have heard that doing it naturally is very painful. Any advice would be great. Thank you!

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  • I have an appointment tomorrow morning for Miso to be applied to speed up the miscarriage. I, on the other hand, started spotting on Saturday and that turned into bleeding and cramping (this is how we found out I was miscarrying) so it might have or might still happen naturally before my appt. I've had these thoughts as well but there isn't anything you have to do if you start to miscarry naturally except call your doctor for instructions. If they recommend that you come in or not is up to them and your health. Natural miscarriage can be painful but you should be fine to take Tylenol Extra Strength.
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  • Ok, thank you!
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  • I am in the process of a natural miscarriage (hasn't happened yet). Just wanted to say that if it does happen our bodies are designed to know what to do. From what I understand you would only need to go to the ER if you are soaking through more than one pad and hour or feeling dizzy or faint.
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  • I absolutely got terrified of a natural situation and begged for a d&c asap. maybe try speaking with the doctor and voicing your concerns.

    good luck
  • I'm very sorry for your losses ladies and would like to share my story. i just wrote this on a similar post and i hope its personal experience was a mc at 12 weeks, we had her at home naturally...started spotting and 3 days later we mc. the pain started with period like cramping but it was slightly more painful and came in waves like contractions that we were able to time and after about an hour I started to pass large clots(placenta) at a couple points I pushed...I could feel the pain moving down and getting more intense....I did a lot of walking and swaying around the house, also stood in a hot shower which was helpful with the pain...finally I could tell the pain was at its worse and I laid a towel over the toilet seat so I could sit down and out she came...I passed both baby and sac...the pain instantly dropped after that however I still had some lingering pain(nothing in comparison to what was just felt) so I got back in the shower then laid in bed with a heating could always take tylenol for pain...for me personally I didn't, part of me needed to feel that pain no matter how was very emotional but played a big part in our healing..we got to say goodbye and have that time with her...the whole thing was about 3 hours or so...I wish you the thoughts and prayers go out to you...have strength and feel free to write back if you have any questions at all. I personally recommend trying to do it at home, however its not for everyone and you need to do whats best for you. 
  • also we went walking through the park to start contractions.
  • I'm finishing a (mostly) natural mc right now. I had spotting and then bleeding for about a week with just minimal cramps. They were less than my regular AF. Sunday night, though, they were really bad and kept me up for a while. Monday morning, I passed a large amount of tissue, and I started Cytotec (misoprostol) to make sure the uterus emptied properly. I've had little to no pain since then.

    Keep in mind, though, your body will react differently to any procedure than someone else's will. I wish there was a way to guarantee a physically pain-free experience, but I think it's a bit luck-of-the-draw. Good luck, and I'm sorry.
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