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Toddler Bed Woes // Early AM wake up & Not staying in bed

We transitioned our daughter to her toddler bed 2 weeks ago because she was climbing out of her crib. This unfortunately aligned with starting naps at preschool and just days shy of the time change ... so I know we had a lot against us. The first few days she would sleep through almost as long as she used to, 8pm - 8am, but now she's waking up as early as 4:30 and screaming for us at her door. She can open her door and we have a baby gate there so she can't get out (we can't lock it because it doesn't quite fit right). She will sometimes go back to bed if we take her there, but other times she is just awake and ready to go. We've tried keeping her up later and it doesn't help - it just makes for a crankier toddler all day. 

I've been looking at clocks that say it's time to get out of bed, but she just turned 2 and I think they might be over her head. Any tips for getting her to sleep longer and stay in her bed / room until a more reasonable hour? Or is this just part of the transition? 

I recently found out i'm pregnant again so sleep for me is gold... as is having a happy toddler when I get home from work :) 
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Re: Toddler Bed Woes // Early AM wake up & Not staying in bed

  • I don't think she will understand the clock at 2 years old unfortunately and keeping them up later always back fires!

    I guess I would probably keep putting her back in bed and telling her it's not time to get up yet. Even if that means putting her back over and over again. I totally understand you needing sleep right now so maybe working hard on this for a couple days will do the trick even if you are exhausted afterward.

    Also, this could just be a random phase having to do with the transition to a bed and it might pass. Hard to say. Just be consistent with whatever you do.


  • Mine did this. I'm pregnant and need my sleep, so fighting her back to bed just wasn't working. Once I'm out of bed, I'm up, there is no going back.

    So, we instituted a new, more flexible, policy. She goes to bed in her room and if she wakes up and the sun is not "awake" yet, she can read a book in bed or use her iPad quietly in her bed. She normally falls back asleep after ten minutes or so.

    The bathroom with the little potty seat is in our room, so obviously she can come in to go potty, but she has to be quiet and she has to back to her room.

    If the sun is up she can come into our room but she has to be quiet and lay down in our bed.

    I think the, you can be awake and do what you want but you have to be quiet, leave the lights off, and stay in bed, means she doesn't feel pressured to go back to sleep when she wants to stay awake and play, but she just stays relaxed because it's quiet and dark and eventually boredom puts her back to sleep.
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  • Try the clock. We started using the okay to wake clocks with both kids between 20-25months. They get it. It's as simple as when the light comes on its time to get up and you don't get up before then unless you need to potty.

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