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Nervous as hell for first appt.

I'm so nervous. My first appointment is next Monday on my birthday. I'll be 7 weeks. I had a MMC at 8.5 weeks in July. I've never gotten past a first appointment and never gotten a picture or heard a heartbeat. I'm trying to be positive but my symptoms are not hugely present. Some here and there but nothing major like last time. I keep reminding myself I'm healthy and young and it was a fluke last time but ugh it's so hard.

Re: Nervous as hell for first appt.

  • i understand! I had my first appointment at 4 week 3 days and even though I knew it would just be a check up I was worried. Now I'm having my hcg monitored and every time they call with the results I get nervous! Even thinking about my 8 week freaks me out!! I hope that you go in to find everything normal and a healthy little baby! Good luck! You've got this!!
  • Wishing you absolutely all the best!!  It's definitely scary, but this is a different pregnancy!  Try to focus on that, and remain hopeful.  Please let us know how it goes...
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  • Wishing you peace in your heart as you await your appointment. Thoughts and prayers!
  • Good Luck at your appointment.  I have had little to no symptoms this pregnancy and it has made me a nervous wreck, now that baby is kicking a little bit it makes me feel better, but every appointment I went to in the first trimester I assumed the absolute worst.  Thoughts and prayers for you.
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  • At my first appointment for this pregnancy, my blood pressure was so high they almost admitted me! I was just super anxious. Every time I've gone back it's been a little easier.

    Remember not to beat yourself up for being anxious and having negative thoughts sometimes. We've been through something terrible, and it's natural to try to protect yourself. Hugs to you <3
  • I actually commented to my husband yesterday that it should be interesting to see what my blood pressure is at my appointment on Tuesday!

    It's my first real appointment (I had bloodwork done when I got my bfp) and I scheduled the appointment at 3 and an ultrasound at 4.  I found out at an us with a previous pregnancy that I had a mmc and this will be the first us since then because my second mc was too early for an us.  The thought of even being in the room makes me anxious.  I have an anxiety disorder but, of course, the medication I normally take isn't exactly on the first trimester approved list so I'm just having to tough it out.  I'm doing what I can but the pre-existing anxiety disorder combined with the situation is making it difficult to stay calm. 

  • I switched doctors. It was a health insurance issue but new building new practice new doctor. Fresh start.
  • My first us was terrifying and I've been pretty nervous for every appointment since then. Just try to take deep breaths and think positive thoughts as much as possible! Good luck!!!!

  • Had a transvaginal ultrasound! Due date June 28th! Heartbeat was there and was 135!!!!! I'm 6 weeks!!
  • How exciting!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
  • Happy birthday! What a great birthday present!
  • Yay! That due date is one day before my birthday! It's such a great time of year!
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  • My ultrasound was today and my due date is also June 28th!  Here's to the best for us both to be celebrating summer babies!
  • That's amazing!!! What was your previous experience regarding loss? I had a missed miscarriage at 8.5 weeks so I'm worried about my 9 week ultrasound.
  • I had a very early miscarriage in June of this year and I had a mmc last year.  I had a great ultrasound right at 8 weeks with my mmc and everything seemed fine.  The night before our 12 week appointment for genetic testing and ultrasound I started spotting and the next morning they confirmed it appeared the baby stopped growing days after my first ultrasound. 

    I'm excited that things are going well, but I go back the 4th for a check and I know I'll be holding my breath until then.  I feel like if I make it to 10 weeks, I'll be able to let myself get a little bit excited.  Sounds like you are in a pretty similar situation.  It's hard being so split between wanting to be excited and trying to hold back until you are more confident you're not going to get your heart broken all over again.
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