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Potty mouth 3 year old

I catch my daughter swearing kind of often. Never directed at anyone, mostly when she's frustrated. A couple examples, She was playing with her dollhouse and having trouble and I hear her mutter "shitty house," or she will step on a toy and say "fucking toy!," "goddammit" is a popular one too. She totally got it from me and her dad. I've been watching what I say much more now that I see how much she picks up language. I most just don't give her a reaction in hopes that she just stops eventually, but she hasnt. How do I correct her for this?

Re: Potty mouth 3 year old

  • I totally get trying to ignore the behavior so you don't give her attention but for something like this, I'd definitely use time out and I'd use it every single time she swears. Sounds like when she does swear, she acts like it's just part of her normal vocabulary and she's not doing it for attention so I'd try to correct it immediately! Good luck. I do my best not to swear either but it's hard!
  • My 2.5 year does the same from time to time. She has learned it equally from mommy, daddy and Gpa mostly. I don't do time outs for it, since it's essentially our fault, but I usually say, let's try a different word or it's not nice to use that word. That is what typically works for us. It's not like she says or uses these words daily but occasionally when she happens to get really frustrated. 
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  • Mine has her own made up words that she is allowed to say, but we aren't allowed to say them. The big one is "Gaka" as in "the dog is being so Gaka!"

    In return it doesn't matter if I slip up and say "the f word" or whatever because there are some words that are just for adults.

    This works best for us because I can't control what other people say around her. She heard husbands coworker say a string of expletives (he doesn't have kids) he apologized and she told him "that's okay because you're a grown up!"

  • DH and I sometimes have used bad language in front of DS and when that happens we say "hey don't say that, Bad Words!" DS has recognized that certain words we have said are "bad words". I have heard DS curse once or twice and those times we put him in time out and explained that those are "bad words" and redirected him to other polite words.

    For example: shut up! -> be quiet !
    Shitty toy -> bad toy
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