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Serious nursing moms - Wood chair gliders vs couch-like gliders?


Which would you recommend - wood chair glider or couch-like gliders?  Is the recline function necessary?

We went shopping at buy buy baby yesterday and are debating between the Little Castle Serenity (couch-like glider & ottoman) vs the Best Chair Sona glider/ottoman (wood chair glider) or Dutailier Reclining glider/ottoman (wood chair glider).  Anyone have these any of these gliders and how did you like them?  

The craze seems to be the couch-like gliders and they are VERY comfortable but they don't seems to glide as long or smoothly as the wood chair gliders.  They are also more expensive.   

I plan to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months and know I'll be spending a lot of time in this chair so I really appreciate any feedback.

Re: Serious nursing moms - Wood chair gliders vs couch-like gliders?

  • I have a wood chair glider and like it for the most part. my only complaint is that it isn't quite wide enough for my boppy.

    Do you plan to put it in the nursery or elsewhere in the house?
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  • In the nursery for sure so I can nurse and rock her to sleep and have a short walk to the crib.
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    I've got one of those big comfy couch like gliders with an ottoman and it is one of my most prized possessions!!! Super comfortable for hours of breastfeeding and rocking baby to sleep. I think it glides smooth. Also I don't think I would use a recline feature, too scared I would fall asleep with the baby in my arms
  • I have the typical wooden with cushions glider from babies r us. I kind of wish we got a cushiony couch like one but they were out of our budget. Mine is not very comfortable and LO is already so big that he just kicks against the arms.
  • I have a gliding recliner. I had to sleep in it with LO on top of me for almost 6 weeks bc she refused to sleep anywhere else...if it wasn't a recliner I don't think I could have made it through that phase in tact. Highly recommend a recliner.
  • Spend time sitting and gliding in each of them for a test drive. I ordered my wooden glider with cushions from amazon for like $120 but it's sold at Bru for $180. It's comfortable for my husband and I but we are both on the smaller size. My husband is 5'7" and about 165lb. Anyone who is bigger than my husband really wouldn't fit comfortably in it. You need to consider who else would be using glider as well. Mine doesn't recline but the back is reclined somewhat and I have fallen asleep in it with baby secured by boppy pillow.
  • I have a wooden glider from amazon (like 90$, a deal I couldn't pass up) I find it to be more than sufficient. I used to use it in the middle of the night, but now just nurse in bed. I sometimes use it during our nighttime routine, but not always. I find it plenty comfortable, even if I was using it every night. But I guess it really depends on how adamant you are to use it every night.
  • The chairs are expensive but worth it... We were lucky enough that my parents wanted to buy it for us. Mine is from target and I love it!
  • I haven't given birth to my baby yet, but my husband has 2 children from his previous marriage and he advised me against the wooden gliders. He says they are very dangerous.  I didn't understand at first, but he said when the baby gets to the crawling age, they can get hurt by putting their hands and such in the wooden glider part.
    I can't speak from experience, but he has banned the wooden ones in our nursery.  We'll go for the couch-like style with ottoman.
  • Couch like. Bru has a reasonable one with ottoman. Def get the ottoman.

    I wish mine reclined.
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