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Road trip advice

So my grandfather passed away and we are leaving tomorrow morning for his funeral. The only problem is that they live in Oklahoma and we are in Michigan! So we are in for a 14 hour plus trip - anyone have any tips or tricks to make this bearable for not just my 7 week old but also for my husband and father who will be in the car with us?

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    I live in OH and am originally from MI. We have traveled a few times to MI since son was about 5 weeks old. It took us about 6 hours to make the normal 4 hr trip with stops to feed and change him. He slept a good portion of trip and I rode in back seat with him to soothe him when he got fussy. I would just plan on trip takin a little longer than normal. I know it's not the same length trip but hopefully it helps. Sorry for your loss.
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    Hubs & I made a trip & we planned to stop around every 2 hours to feed baby. Around the times I figured she'd wake up I'd get on my phone & map the best places go stop so we had somewhere to get a drink, have a little privacy to change her, etc. When we pulled over at the first signs she was waking up we had an easier time getting her settled back in again into the car seat. We got stuck in a wreck & she screamed for like 10 minutes I felt horrible!! We purchased a power adapter so I could pump, too. That was a life saver!
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