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9 week old losing suck?

My 9 week old used to clamp down really hard at the Breast and would have a strong suck. Now my breasts have regulated and aren't hard when she latches and she doesn't latch as hard but she doesn't seem to suck swallow as much.....she isn't gaining a ton of weight but just enough....are there any ways to encourage her to eat more at the Breast/have a better suck?

Re: 9 week old losing suck?

  • I'm having similar issue. I think because I've done so Many bottles now LO has a lazy latch. This started at 9 weeks. I just kept offering last night and he was eventually sucking effectively. I also this it might be because at this age they get more distracted. Try a quiet room for nursing. I haven't figured out any better solution yet.
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