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Heartburn pain radiating to upper back pain

I've been having acid reflux in my throat the entire pregnancy so far but today I feel like I'm having actual heartburn. Then all of a sudden I get this pain in my upper side of my back mostly on the right side and both pains are making me a little nauseous. Has anybody with heartburn experienced this at all?

Re: Heartburn pain radiating to upper back pain

  • I had something similar to this several months ago (I'm currently 28 weeks). It started as heartburn, which I figured it was because I had stayed up too late and didn't eat enough. So I took some tums and attempted to lay down but it didn't go away. I ended up only getting about 1.5 hours of sleep all night because it was too painful to lay down. The only way I got the little bit of sleep I did was because I fell asleep against a wall. I had tried tums and milk in hopes to ease the heartburn. I then tried stretching multiple times thinking maybe my upper back was hurting, although I had never had that kind of pain before that would never go away. I ended up caving at about 8am and going to the store to get gas x (I did some research and read that sometimes gas gets trapped in your upper back area and can cause quite a bit of pain), Tylenol, and some icy hot just to cover my bases in case one didn't work. I took the Gas X and within 30 minutes the pain was gone. It was the most satisfying feeling ever. So maybe try taking some Gas X to see if that brings you any relief.
  • My sister's heartburn had always been like this. She's on an acid reducer. Sleeping sitting up helps.
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  • Yep, my heartburn is very similar. Try zantac!
  • I have terrible heartburn / acid reflux and I am on a maximum dose of Zantac daily. I have only had the pain go into my back once. It was also on the right side, I called and they told me to go straight to labor and delivery immediately. If you have pain on your right side that goes to your back along with nausea, it could be a sign of pre e so for me they wanted to test for it asap. Turns out pregnancy has led to some gallbladder issues for me, but if this keeps happening, I would see a dr asap to be safe.
  • When this happened to me, it was gallstones. Not saying you have them, but that was my experience.
  • Zantac is a life saver. I postponed using it for sooo long but finally caved, and I'm finally sleeping well at night. Also, apple cider vinegar helps- I make it in a tea (hot water, a capfull of the vinegar and a big ol' spoonful of honey).
  • Have you had your bp checked recently? Any other symptoms? 

    I recently had a friend tell me that in hindsight, chest pain that wrapped around to her back was her first symptom of pre-e.

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