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Drinking for the first time PP

So tonight is going to be a magical night as I've stored up some breastmilk and enlisted the help of DH in order to be able to have a few glasses of wine! I never thought this would be such an exciting event but it is...so much so that I had to share it with you all. Also, please keep me in your thoughts for when the buzz wears off and I have to come back to reality feeling a little more thirsty and tired than usual! Happy Halloween!!!

Re: Drinking for the first time PP

  • I started having a glass of wine with dinner after putting lo down around 10 weeks (when her bedtime started to normalize). My doctor said it takes 1.5 hours for one drink to be fully out if your breastmilk...so really you probably won't even need to pump and dump if you time it right. And according to recent research, very little alcohol actually makes it into your breastmilk even if you drink more than that...the old pump and dump is likely only truly necessary when you are all out bombed.

    I haven't tried to have more than a glass at once, mostly because I'd rather get some sleep than stay up drinking. But a friend told me the first time she had a PP date night she was housed after just her second glass. It's different for everyone.

    Have fun!
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  • I've had beer to bring in my breast milk and a hard cider the other day when company came to visit the baby and brought us dinner. I'm not worried about very small amounts of alcohol. 1 drink is fine. It metabolizes quickly and the baby won't get the effects of the alcohol. Even so, I can't have a whole drink right now. My tolerance is so low I can have maybe 1/2.

    I'm excited because this week we are going to our favorite Mexican place and I'm getting a margarita! Baby is 5 days old.
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  • @delujm0 is spot on. The general rule based on more recent research is that if you're ok to drive, you're ok to feed. I haven't had more than 1 beer/glass of wine because I'm too tired anyway, but enjoy! I BF'd DS1 to 13 months and if not drinking occasionally was out, I wouldn't have made it! Lol.

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