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Breech baby

I am a FTM at 31 weeks. My doctor has done an ultrasound and said that baby is breech. Should I be concerned? My doc didn't mention much about it.

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  • I would assume that if it were cause for concern hour doctor would say something about it. If your doctor doesn't hit the panic button you don't need to either!
  • Still has time to turn.
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  • Still plenty of time to turn. You can also look up videos for stretches and things you can do to help encourage baby to flip. Good luck mama!

  • Babies can turn the day you deliver, I'd try not to stress or worry about it. If you're 37 weeks and baby is still breech, you have several options. Chiropractic care, stretches, manual version, etc. 
  • This:

    I practice a lot of daily positions to help my boy stay head down, when it comes close to delivery and during labor I will be actively doing my best to keep him facing the right way. 
  • Mine has been breech since the very first ultrasound. My docs aren't concerned in the slightest.
  • There is still time for the baby to turn on his own, but there are also some exercises/positions you can use to help coerce him. My DS was breech. I didn't find out until about 36 weeks. The doctor went ahead and scheduled my c section. I was devastated and tried lots of exercises from Spinning Babies and went to the chiropractor to do the Webster technique several times. Right before my c section the doctor tried to turn him but he was just too big at that point. At 31 weeks there is still lots of time to turn but I am glad they told you early so you can try some of the spinning babies exercises earlier than I could.
  • Silly question- but is there a way for the doctor to tell the position at this point (30 1/2 wks) without an ultrasound?
  • I don't think it's silly I was wondering the same thing! ???? :-?
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  • Silly question- but is there a way for the doctor to tell the position at this point (30 1/2 wks) without an ultrasound?

    I think they can sort of tell by where they pick up the heart beat on a doppler?
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  • Your provider should know how to perform leopolds maneuvers to identify the lie and position of the baby!! Some are better at this technique than others, but it's often pretty simple to identify which way baby is facing just by putting their hands on your belly. YouTube has some videos on leopolds so you can understand exactly what it is :)
  • There are two big baby lumps. One is a head and one is a tush. They grab and wiggle. If it's the head, it should wiggle freely because of the neck. If it's the tush the rest of the body will wiggle with it. I don't know how accurate this is but it's a non ultrasound way to check. I plan to ask my midwives to check this way and by where the heart beat is and if they can't tell I'll have them do a little mini ultrasound, just looking until they see an identifying body part. I'm trying to avoid having anymore ultrasounds so if I need one to check position, it'll be a quick one.
  • I'm 29 weeks and my midwife could feel that where my little guys head is on my belly. He's breech but she said not to worry at this point because he can easily flip.
  • My Ob can tell mine is breech just by feeling. I also know his feet are low as that's where I feel all the kicks!
  • Also, I was told after 32 weeks it's unlikely they will turn and after 36 it's pretty much impossible as they have run out of room. I'm 32 weeks and we're already talking c section as my baby has been breech at every appointment and every scan so they are expecting him not to move.
  • All kiddos in my family are breech until about 35 weeks when they finally turn and are head down. My mom had it happen with me, my sister and brother. And my DD was the same way. It's weird that's been a family thing.
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    My nephew was breech through out the entire pregnancy. About 3 weeks, I think, before my sister's due date, her OB scheduled a C-section for about a week and a half before her due date. My boy has also been in a breech position for the entire pregnancy, but my OB hasn't said anything about a C-section yet, which is the same OB my sister had. There's still time for them to reposition on their own, but it's getting unlikely, as @fricktion said.
  • It's still early. I was excited because my baby was head down yesterday at my appointment and I was told it doesn't matter what the baby is doing right now because she has so much room to flip around. I think she said 36 weeks is when it matters.
  • my midwife told me a story of a woman who was head down until she went into labor. Her water broke at home and they realized she was breech and they transferred to the hospital to do an emergency c-section. Before they sectioned her they did an ultrasound and the baby had flipped again while en route to the hospital. The patient was able to have a vaginal birth.

    I will never schedule a section for a breech baby. I'd wait until going into labor naturally to make that decision. Babies can, and do, flip right up until birth. It's perfectly normal, just a variation of normal.
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