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Definition of Natural and Natural Childbirth


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  • Really well said, @EmmyMommy123 !
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  • DianaL92 said:

    Yes, never knew so many women are offended by the term 'natural birth'
    It is what it is by definition.

    That's called ignorance, feel free to educate yourself.
    Just because it is a definition medically, doesn't mean it's not offensive when put into the context that many people use it in.
    Like previously stated, the opposite of natural is artificial or unnatural, and in the event you need medical intervention to save your baby's life, you'll feel like garbage when someone throws their "natural" birth in your face.
    Excuse me. I did "feel free to educate myself." I think it was very unnecessary for you to belittle me. All I said was that I never knew that so many were offended by the term. How does that make me ignorant? I never once said that others should not be offended. This is obviously a touchy subject for you.
  • Just throwing in my two cents for what it's worth. I've avoided completely the use of the term "natural birth" because honestly I didn't understand what it meant and assumed others didn't as well. It could mean vaginal birth, med-free, etc. Who knows.

    For me, when I get asked (and I do often because I'm having twins) my options are either c-section or vaginal birth. It's nobody's business if my vaginal birth is intervention free or not. I like to keep things neutral, and it's a bonus when someone gets weirded out by the term "vaginal." Serves them right for asking! ;)
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    I had a natural, pain med free, unassisted vaginal birth with my son. In no way is that statement meant to offend anyone but sadly I'm sure it does. I don't judge mothers who have any experience that is different from mine. Your experience is yours, just as my experience belongs solely to my son, my husband and myself.

    I really don't understand why people are offended by my description of my birth experience. I am not implying anything about yours. You gave birth to your child in the way that you felt was best for your family as did I. I am in no way implying that my experience was better than yours and I'm sorry if you interpret it that way.

    I chose a "natural" birth for many reasons. My very first experience with this was through my Mom, for whom I have so much respect for so many reasons. She delivered her first three babies naturally and had the third via emergency c-section. I figured if she could do it so could I. She and my Dad took the Bradley class over 30 years ago and they still light up when they talk about it because it was such a positive experience for them and their marriage. I wanted that strength also.

    Of course as an adult I wanted to make an educated decision that was right for myself and my husband, not just because it is what my parents did. So I when I became pregnant I did my research, tons of research on the matter. After that I chose the method of childbirth that felt right to me and sought to do all that I could to ensure that I had the best experience possible. I chose an ob who is highly respected in our area and whom I trusted implicitly. I took the Bradley classes and prepared as best as I could at home with my husband. Not only did I know what to expect with my chosen method but I also knew what to expect if things didn't go according to my plan ("You want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans") ie, medicated, c-section, ect.

    I also chose this method of childbirth out of fear. Fear of the cascade of interventions that are more likely to happen with an epidural, fear of having to be induced (pitocin contractions are said to be more painful), fear of surgery (aside from oral surgery I've been fortunate to not need surgery before), fear of the recovery from said surgery.

    My biggest motivation, however was my son. He was born at 32w2d and while I was in labor I knew that the road ahead would be not be easy for him. He would need to stay in the NICU for who knows how long. It was uncertain what sort of interventions he would need. Deep down I feared he might not make it even though I was told his odds of survival were good. I didn't want to be recovering from major surgery when he needed me the most. I didn't want any medication in my body that might hinder breastmilk production as I knew that was one of the few things I could do for him. So for all of those reasons I chose to continue with my plan for a natural childbirth. Of course I knew that if he or I showed signs of distress we'd be rushed to the or. If a csection was best for him then it was best for me too.

    This is my story and in no way is it meant to reflect on you and I definitely don't intend to judge anyone whose story is or will be different from mine.

    Edited to say, sorry for the novel and thanks for reading if you made it through.
  • This thread just went from ludicrous to enfuriating. Just because you are choosing to go the nature route in no way makes you prosecuted for your choices. Yes with today's medical advances and such it is less common, but in no way does that make you prosecuted. Do not insinuate that you are because of your choices. Those women who have medicated births or csections are not setting up roadblocks or limiting your choices, they are simply choosing what is right for them as you are for you.

    I have never seen anyone on here ridiculed for their birth plans. Each woman does whatever they need to in order to have their baby.

    It's time to let this go, continue with your beliefs and allow others to do the same, and do whatever is right for you in your birthing plan.
  • For Serious! The reason @enkb that you are getting push back from so many people is not because you choose the "natural" route, it's because the way you come across is high and mighty and as if your choices are superior to those women who do not choose that way.

    You do realize that many women go into labour "planning" on an intervention free birth, but are denied it because of many many reasons that can get in the way it complicate things that no one has control over, right?

    Have you ever considered that by belittling woman who tell a medicated birth story, you may just be pushing women who are upset with themselves for not achieving their "planned" birth, further in their own disappointment? You may say you are not doing this or that belittling is not your intention, but all of the pushback to your comments should tell you that the way you come across. I think the point here is you need to stop acting as though anyone choice is better than another. And remember that we have no idea what really goes on in the lives of other people. Not everyone gets their ideal birth plan, and not every woman feels it important to them to have an intervention free delivery. Who are any of us to judge, or suggest our way is more correct?
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  • "The term "natural childbirth" was coined by obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read upon publication of his book Natural Childbirth in the 1930s, which was followed by the 1942 Childbirth Without Fear."

    For those that don't like the term "natural childbirth" take it up with him.
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