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crabby reflux baby- HELP

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I am so lost right now.  My lo will be 4 weeks tomorrow and we have been dealing with silent reflux basically for the last couple weeks.  He's been on prevacid (liquid) and nutramigen for 2 weeks.  He still seems so uncomfortable.  It almost seems like now he has a lot of trouble passing gas and pooping.  He is upset all day and rarely sleeps during the day.  He's up for 5-6 hours straight and usually unhappy if he's awake.  He twists and turns and always seems like he's trying to push something out.  He finally will but its usually very small, and his butt always seems to be red and irritated.  Nothing really soothes him.  I've tried gas drops, which do nothing.  Gripe water makes him vomit almost immediately.  He won't stay in the swing, I bounce him, swaddle him, tummy time, bicycle legs, rub his belly, seriously everything! I've even taken him to a chiropractor twice, which I am contemplating going back. I have to work so hard to get him to fall asleep at night.
 I am so tired and also have a very active 4 year old who needs a lot of attention.  Anyone have similar situations? I'm looking into different baby carriers so at least I can have my hands free during the day.  I also left a message with his Dr to see if this is maybe a side effect of the prevacid or formula.  
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Re: crabby reflux baby- HELP

  • I'm so sorry things are tough right now. Most babies, as you probably know from your first child, have stomach problems for basically the first month as they get used to whatever they are eating (formula or BM). The first 6 weeks in general with a newborn are SO freaking hard.

    I have an Ergo and that thing has been a lifesaver. My second child, my DD loved being in it when she was smaller. Even now at a year old she still likes it.

    My first child was super gassy and behaved sort of like you are describing. I liked the Hyland gas drops and I also changed bottles until I found ones that worked for my son. I did that with my daughter too because she was throwing up all the time when I was using Dr. Brown's. I switched to Avent and all her problems went away.

    Talk to your Pedi again and ask for suggestions. Hang in there momma.

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