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Hey, folks. 

I'm almost 29 weeks and have been experiencing a TON of headaches, which end up developing into a migraine.  This week I've had one since yesterday, and the past two weeks I've encountered one at least 2 times during the week, at separate times.  I know headaches are a fairly common occurrence in pregnancy, due to hormones, etc., but was curious as to what you are all doing to help manage them a little better.  I am a high school teacher, and have a 15-month-old at home, so when one strikes, I'm definitely feeling it.  I didn't have headaches like this, and not so frequency with DD, so this definitely different than my first.  I hate having to take medicine so frequently and usually try to stick it out until it's unbearable.  Thanks in advance! 


Re: Headaches/Migraines

  • I have bad chronic migraines. Every single day. Last pregnancy they increased just about where you are. They tested me for preeclampsia (I bad a high BP) and when that was negative they gave me Norco for pain. This time I can take Imitrex or Norco. But, I'm an extreme case.

    I took Tylenol and a sudafed last pregnancy. Both are safe (in moderation) and taking magnesium might also help decrease the intensity (not an immediate thing but it helps in a few weeks). As your OB what he suggests. I have a friend who takes fioricet and has success with it. Tylenol with codine is also something that is similar to fioricet but doesn't have the caffiene.

    Hope they improve!
  • My midwife recommended calcium/magnesium suppliments when I first started getting bad headaches/migrains in the first few months of pregnancy. They have been like magic for me, taking me from 1 migraine a week that lasted more than 24 hours to less than 1 a month that usually resolves in less than 12. Before pregnancy none of the medications I tried really did anything for my migraines, so I haven't taken anything for them during pregnancy (if they worked I'm sure I would, they are really awful :( ). It took maybe 2 weeks with the cal/mag to see an improvement. Disclaimer : Always check with your provider before you start taking anything. Hope something helps!
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  • If these headaches are new, I'd go get your blood pressure checked (especially before taking Sudafed). 

    Riboflavin supplementation will help with headaches as well. I've been doing the mag/calcium supplementation that PP mentioned and Riboflavin since the first trimester and it has definitely helped. 

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