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How long is tummy time for 6 week old

How many minutes should we be doing tummy time at 6 weeks? Do you do it once a day? More?

Re: How long is tummy time for 6 week old

  • We do it until he cries and isn't into it anymore
  • Our pediatrician told us to try for four times daily at 10 minutes each. My DD is also six weeks old.
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  • My daughter hates tummy time. We barely do it once a day.
  • We do it for like two minutes because she hates it. I am going to need to start increasing her time.
  • Depends if LO is having a fussy day. Some days we do it 4 or more times, but usually he doesn't last more than max of 5 mins. On days he's super fussy it might happen once or not at all because I am spending all his awake time trying to soothe him.
  • 6 weeks old here and we do it twice a day 30 minutes after he's eaten and isn't asleep and we go until he's fussy.

  • My LO is 8 weeks old but since he's 5 weeks he loves tummy time. He could be on his tummy all the time. He also started to move forward during tummy time
  • I have a reflux kid so there is a short window when her milk is settled in her tummy and before she is tired. Even though I wait a while it almost always ends in a face full of spit up. 1-2 times per day. She spends a lot of time upright in my arms getting strong though as well.
  • I have the same problem. LO has reflux and absolutely hates tummy time. I wait at least 20 min after she eats and then try to do it but then she usually gets frustrated and cries and screams because she is tired after about 2 minutes. Sometimes I try to do it right after she wakes up from naps before she eats but usually have the same frustrated crying and screaming because she is hungry... No good solution besides to keep trying for s little while each day. But we hold her upright a lot and even have her sit propped against the couch or chair. Hopefully it'll get better. LO is 8 weeks...
  • We do TONS of tummy time! Look up the videos on the different ways to do tummy time. We do superman hold while walking around, tummy to tummy(DH sits in lazy boy, reclines, and they make silly faces at each other! We do basic tummy time on the floor, and baby carrier counts, also! LO Doctor said there is no such thing as too much tummy time. Keep up the good work!
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