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Less movement

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Hi mama's, I'm 29 weeks about to be 30 weeks & my little guy isn't moving as much as he usually does. I feel him through out the day, but not as much. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm worried and not sure if i should contact my doctor or not. I know they say during this time they have growth spirts. Thanks!

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  • Talk to your doctor, but mine says if you can get 10 kicks/movements of any kind in an hour, then you are good for the day! He said if you don't get it the first hour, wait a few and do it again. Then call your doctor if you can't get 10 in the next hour!!
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    Sorry ladies but that information is outdated and plain wrong (no offence). Please look at this charity - they will help you understand it more https://www.countthekicks.org.uk/mums/your-babys-movements/
  • Last pregnancy one of my girls moved a lot during the day and the other mostly at night. They were both fine. Talk to your doctor because reduced movements can indicate a problem, but don't get too worried in the meantime because your baby might just be moving more when you're sleeping. I don't know if that's normal but it happened to me.
  • Uh yeah... Ok! I'll stick with North American standards over the UK, even though aparantly we're all wrong!

    Last week my dr gave me the book the use to do kick counts. I was told 6 kicks in a 2 hour period and counting should start at 30 weeks. But don't listen to me, apparently North American dr's are wrong and outdated!
  • The ice water trick doesn't work for my baby. I guess she's used to me drinking ice water all day! I try to do kick counts at night right before bed but it seems she's most active while I'm sleeping. As long as you feel wiggling around in there throughout the day, I wouldn't be too worried. Some days my little one kicks all day and other days she just shifts around a bit and kicks here and there. Try sitting/laying in different positions and see if that helps :)
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