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Back sleeping

Anyone still back sleeping? I know I'm not supposed to but it doesn't seem to affecting me badly, I don't get dizzy or uncomfortable. I'm finding sleeping hard, I'll try to stay on my side but wake up on my back. Is this terrible?

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  • My back hurts too much to sleep on it. The sciatica. So I just choose a side.
  • I dont know if it is or isnt terrible, but you're not the only one who does it! I use a body pillow and try to position it so i cant roll onto my back, otherwise more often than not I'll wake up on my back. The other night i just crashed in bed and when i woke up tge first thing i thought was wow, that was a good sleep! Then i realised oh yeah, i forgot to use my body pillow and slept in my back the whole night. Oops :(
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  • My OB told me if I was comfortable then it shouldn't be a problem which is good because little girl will not let me sleep on my side.
  • My goal is to sleep. Period. Back and sides are fair game--whatever will let me fall back asleep fastest!
  • I often wake up on my back and find the same as @jencook25 - I feel so fantastic and then realize it's because I was on my back. I then feel guilty and worry I've done something to babe and then he starts kicking on cue lol. I've heard such mixed things that I feel like as long as I'm making an effort to sleep on my side, if I wake up on my back it's probably not going to have a huge effect.
  • My midwife told me you will know if you shouldn't be on your back. You will start to feel dizzy, nauseous and generally uncomfortable well before the baby is affected.
  • I was never a back sleeper before pregnancy. Now I fall asleep on my side with a pillow between my legs and wake up flat on my back with the pillow under my knees. It's so comfortable. I asked my dr about this and he reassured me it was perfectly okay. 
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  • I mostly sleep on my sides, but spend a fair amount of awake time watching tv in bed (on my back). It doesn't bother me at this point.
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  • I sleep on my sides but sometimes I still wake up on my back. It isn't uncomfortable but I try to avoid it.
  • I fall asleep on my side but alwaysss wake up on my back. Always. I find if I stay on my side too long my hips hurt. I just sleep how I can. I make sure if I wake on my back my head is propped up. If I'm confirtable I figure why not
  • Thanks ladies, reasuring to know I'm not the only back sleeper :)
  • I asked my midwife about this recently, as back sleeping still feels most comfortable to me. She said it's only some women who ever have problems with back sleeping, and my body will let me know if I'm one.
  • I slept a lot more peacefully last night when I ended up on my back! Thanks ladies!
  • I try not to but when I accidentally do it's by far the most comfortable
  • My OB said basically the same thing as other people, your body will let you know if you shouldn't be on your back and it you're asleep you're going to either wake up or reposition yourself automatically.  I was never a back sleeper before getting pregnant and now I feel like I wake up on my back all the time.  I think I get stuck mid rollover while switching sides. 
  • I've had a bad cold for the past 2 weeks and have been sleeping reclined but sometimes slump onto my back. I woke up twice with my left leg asleep but otherwise no problems.
  • I slept a lot more peacefully last night when I ended up on my back! Thanks ladies!

    ^^^ Ditto!! I reminded my groggy self of this thread and snoozed away!! Thanks!!!
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