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Down there.

I had an OB appt yesterday and she wanted to have a look around my nether regions. I'm 29 weeks and a FTM so it never occurred to me that this might happen yet. Needless to say, my area was very unkempt and I was slightly embarrassed. Are you keeping up with your grooming?

Re: Down there.

  • Um,no. Except for one sad attempt to shave at week 20, I've let it go. Told DH that he will have to shave it close to my due date. OBs, nurses and midwives have seen all kinds of situations down there, trust me.

  • Nope. Not really taking care of down there. I am curious if my doctor will go down there at all. For my second they never went down because they said there wasn't a need with a planned c-section. I am at a different office so I don't know if they will or not.
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  • When it's necessary, yes, but if I don't plan on showing my bikini line, it's not happening. I'd like to for my own sake (I've heard it's not pleasant post partum if things are a little wild down there), but I'll play things by ear. There's no way DH will help me out, so it's either figuring it out myself, getting sugared, or leaving it be. Agreed that the medical professionals have seen it all so we shouldn't stress.

    I have only been shaving my legs when absolutely necessary though, and went for a massage earlier this week where last time she focused solely on my back and this week asked to do some work on my legs, and I obliged but did feel embarrassed that my legs weren't silky smooth! In the shower that morning I contemplated doing it but just felt like "nah eff it". It's so silly to be embarrassed but I still feel it anyways!
  • I had a c-section so I didn't have stitches down there so it wasnt bad post partum. I was given a squeeze bottle that I had to fill with warm water to take care of the blood but that worked great and was all I needed.
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  • I just tried the other day and found out later I missed a lot of spots lol. I plan to try and keep it tidy mostly so it's easier to clean myself PP
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    Beyond a basic trim job every now and then, who cares what it looks like. I bet those L&D nurses have seen it all.


  • DH gets at it with a bikini trimmer every other week to keep it in check. So far so good.
  • Thank you for not posting an undie shot :-) Was your OB checking for dilation?  Not sure why else they would want an internal exam, unless she had a specific concern.
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  • I am, it makes me feel myself, but I've started using a little set of electric bikini trimmers as I cant see- to avoid any accidents, rather than a razor as I would previously.
  • I am not as large as other pregnant women so I can still shave down there no problem. :)
  • I literally cannot stand going more than a day without shaving. Nice and tidy here! \:D/
  • I trim it down with a trimmer every couple weeks then I clean up my bikini line when I get fed up with the whole situation but I really don't care about it. It's been growing freakishly fast & thick since I've been pregnant. UGH!!
  • I think I'm going to try to DH's electric barber razor thingy with a guard and see if I can at least get things manageable! Also my hair seems to be growing at an alarming rate!
  • tinne004 said:

    Thank you for not posting an undie shot :-) Was your OB checking for dilation?  Not sure why else they would want an internal exam, unless she had a specific concern.

    Umm, ya I mentioned that I've had a lot of leakage/stuff going on and she just wanted to make sure my cervix was sealed up good.

    Are you sure you don't want to see my bikini line????? Ha! Never!
  • Funny how some people choose to respond to threads in a way that are neither helpful or supportive of the original question.
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  • Scullahoo said:

    I don't know about in the USA but years ago in the UK women were shaved before labour AND had to have an enema. My Mum was on about this the other day, it must have been awful for the women.

    I read about this recently... So strange. Actually if you look up the Bumps birth plan template, getting an enema, shaving your area, etc are options to be considered... I was like, what?
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  • @krisdee123 That would work if you're being induced, I think, but not sure how well it would work if you went into labor on your own.
  • An enema is not pretty and can cause complications. You will either poop or not. Not much you can do about it. Nurses and docs are used to it and you probably won't even know it happened.
    Try not to eat a big heavy meal close to your due date or if you think labor is close.
  • OK OK, I just gotta get over the poop thing.
  • I don't even know if I pooped with dd. DH says he doesn't know and I couldn't tell by anything going on. Sooooo if I did no one showed that they cared one bit!!! There's just nothing you can do about it and I know it's humiliating to think of now, but you probably won't care (or even know) in the moment!
  • Anybody waxing??? I'm guessing it wouldn't he a good time to start if you haven't been doing it up til now.
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    @krisdee123 I prefer sugaring to waxing personally. Used to get it done monthly when I had disposable $$ and now I'll get it done before a trip as it lasts an entire week and a half before even starting to grow back for me.
  • Anybody waxing??? I'm guessing it wouldn't he a good time to start if you haven't been doing it up til now.
    I got Brazilian waxes all the time pre-pregnancy. No amount of money could entice me into attempting having one done now with all the extra blood flow to that area and whatnot. NOPE. That junk would hurt! I go in with the trimmer and guard every now and then if I feel like it. At this point I'm just like, "Whatever DH. Here is is! Take it or leave it!"

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  • I'm sorry ladies. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comment. Maybe I should of used petite for my size? **crawls under table**

    Small bump? [-O<

    Again, my apologies.
  • Oh good. Phew. 
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  • OMG I could not imagine having DH shave for me! Is nothing sacred? I don't want to shave his balls so why would I ask him to shave my vulva? So far getting away with sneaking around the belly.... but who knows how long that will last. Will probably just go with the feel as I go idea when the time comes. 
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  • My SO has shaved my "lady parts" even before i was pregnant.
    I figured hey, he's gotta do it one day if i get pregnant- so, he's done a good job.... He's nicked me once ( he didn't have the gaurd on) but, it's one less thing I have to do lol
    I still shave my legs though, I can still reach lol
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