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Clothes - First Month of Baby's Life

I'm a FTM. This probably will sound ridic but im confused on what I really need for clothes for the baby during the first month. I've read about needing shirts with side buttons because of the umbilical cord but then I'm not sure what we need for pajamas since it will be cold (we live in New England).

I know I'm probably over thinking

Any tips and advice are greatly appreciated ☺️

Re: Clothes - First Month of Baby's Life

  • My favorites for DS when he was a newborn were the one piece sleep n plays. I prefer ones with zippers all the way down the front, but I know some people prefer the snaps. We always put a plain white onesie under everything he wore for the first year or so and we never had any issues with clothes bothering the umbilical cord before it fell off. I'm stocking up on fleece sleep n plays for DD and she will probably wear those most of the time, day and night :) DS never liked being swaddled either so we just used sleep sacks for extra warmth when he slept.
  • These are suggestions from The Bump. The asterisks are supposed to be essentials. I'm a FTM, but when I asked my mom she said this was a pretty good list! I've used it as my guide.

    [ ] 4-8 bodysuits or onesies (wide head openings and loose legs)
    [ ] 4-8 undershirts or vests (snaps at neck or wide head openings, snaps under crotch)*
    [ ] 4-8 one-piece pajamas*
    [ ] 2 blanket sleepers for winter baby
    [ ] 1-3 sweaters or jackets (front buttoned)
    [ ] 1-3 rompers or other dress-up outfits*
    [ ] 4-7 socks or booties (shoes are unnecessary until baby walks)*
    [ ] 1-3 hats (broad-brimmed for summer baby, soft cap that covers ears for winter baby)*
    [ ] No-scratch mittens
    [ ] Bunting bag or fleece suit for winter baby
    [ ] Swimsuit for summer baby
    [ ] Gentle laundry detergent
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  • Sleepers with zippers are awesome!! But I will say some women like to be able to undress baby a bit to do skin to skin while nursing. So for that the kimono tops work well or sleepers with snaps. We currently have 8 new born sleepers and a few onesies for layering. My hospital sends you home with newborn kimono tops so I'm not buying those. DD lasted about 6/7 weeks in her newborn size then moved up to her 0-3 month size. HTH!
  • I also wondered this! Only because its winter (I'm in Canada so its colddd) and I dont know if I will put too many layers on and my poor girl over heats or what. I assumed I would put a onesie on and then a fleece thing for bedtime but I had noo idea
  • Slippers with zipper or sleeper gowns are great for night time. The last thing you want to do at 3am is fight with buttons when you tired after 1/2 of BF knowing your getting up in 1 1-2-2 hours to do it all again. I loved mittens because I hate when their sweet faces get scratched. i almost always had my winter baby in a hat. In terms of sizing your baby might not fit into NB size clothes if it's a big baby. I mostly had my boys wear 0-3 month because they were both almost 9 pounds. So you might not want to buy a ton of NB clothes.
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  • Sleepers is what my DD used so that's what we will be using for the new baby.
  • Lots of mix 'n match outfits. There's no doubt they will get dirty, but I can't tell you how many times it was just the pants or just the onesie. Totally didn't want to change the entire outfit and create more laundry, but still wanted my kiddo presentable. Fleece sleepers are fantastic. I preferred the zippers because in the middle of the night, I'm too tired and stupid to get the snaps right. White onesies are great for going under sleep sacks or swaddles (I swear by them). Make sure you have plenty of socks and mittens. And buy in multiple sizes! I only have 2 newborn sized outfits that I've bought new, because apparently, I have big babies. My son jumped right into 0-3 month clothes.
  • Onesies and rompers and footie jammies. I prefer the snap mainly because when changing diapers you only have to open and exspose the lower half of baby on those chilly winter mornings. I had "outfits" and cute thing a for my son but he never wore them. I absolutely detested the infant/newborn shirts (like the ones the hospital use) because they constantly ride up and bunch and are generally a pain in the butt so none of those this time around.
  • I have bought a lot of fleece sleep n plays in NB and 0-3 months. Also a ton of long sleeve onesies and matching pants for inside. I won't be keeping DD outside at all since I hate being in the snow and I always heat up the car before I put DS in it and have to go somewhere. Don't forget mittens, socks, and hats ;) and a nice warm blanket for the car seat. We are using a sleep sack for bed time if it's really chilly.
  • I have 8-10 sleepers, some are fleece and some are just cotton.  I bought a 5 pack of white Gerber brand short sleeve undershirts to put on under the sleepers and his other outfits to help with umbilical cord irritation. I also have 3 sleep sacks and a sherpa newborn jacket with hood that I got from the Carter's store as his "winter coat."  I did not go for the one piece snow suit. We have 4 newborn winter hats too. The only thing that I would still like to get are some one piece outfits and maybe 1-2 new born sets with a top and matching pants.  I thought I did receive some from hand me downs and/or bought a couple already, but they were all 3 months or higher in size.
  • We have been graciously gifted many hand me down onsies in NB and 0-3 mo. We live in FL, and although it will be chilly, we're not too worried about layers. For indoors, one layer and a blanket is fine. Going out would require an extra blanket, maybe. I have registered for gowns as I have found they are pretty easy for night time changes.
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  • When you ladies say sleep and play are you referring to footed pajamas? I havent seen the term sleep and play in any of the stores. Thanks for all the info!
  • Zipper sleep and plays. They're what my son wore that's what this baby will wear. Way easier than onesies, pants, and socks.
  • This is our second Christmas baby. We have, 

    4 long sleeved onesies
    6 short sleeved onesies 
    6 cotton sleepers
    4 fleece sleepers
    2 pairs merino pants with feet
    4 pairs merino socks
    2 pairs wool booties - one thick for outside, one thin for inside.
    2 wool caps
    2 bamboo caps
    1 wool cardigan

  • Circo brand sleep and plays from Target are reverse zip. You can also find the Halo brand online which are reverse zip as well. You get the ease of a zipper and the convenience to only expose the lower half for diaper changes. DH has huge hands that struggle with snaps and my mom's arthritic hands don't love them either.
  • This has been very helpful. I was a little overwhelmed myself. Thanks for all the input!
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    Glad I read this thread bc I had never heard of a sleep & play either. I just went to the carter's website and they have a special on both the zip and snap sleep & plays for $8 each. I got 3 of those and I also got 2 long sleeve fleece wearable sleep sacks for $8 each (total of $50 for 3 zip sleep & plays and 2 sleep sacks). I thought that seemed like a good deal bc they are normally $18 each per the Carter's website.
  • @holocene What size did you get all of that in? All newborn? Mix of that and 0-3?

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  • Unless my child is a premie, I'm not buying newborn sized clothing. 0-3 typically begins at 8lbs which is very close to the average newborn weight. Plus, babies grow very quick and if their clothes are little big at first, they'll grow into them. :)
  • You're right, I guess it really depends on the size of the baby.  

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  • @holocene What size did you get all of that in? All newborn? Mix of that and 0-3?

    0-3, but I have larger babies that gain very quickly. I do have 4 newborn sized sleepers, but only because they were a gift. I don't think I'd purchase any true nb clothes.
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