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  • I like having visitors when I'm at the hospital. I am excited I will be at a different hospital because more of my family works there but I am sad because none of my husbands work there. Both my IL's and my SIL, my brothers wife, and two of my husbands cousins worked at the old hospital. My IL's would come over three times a day and bring all our meals so we didn't have to eat hospital food, so I'm not looking forward to that either.
    Married 2006
    DS1 2010
    DS2 2013
    DD1 2016
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  • I am sick of hearing people complaining about not being able to take medication they want to take while pregnant. It's 40 weeks out of your life to ensure safety of an innocent child. Suck it up buttercup! It was a patient (an adult) that is on Ritilan for ADHD that is unhappy they can't take it while pregnant and they don't want to be pregnant. Oy!
  • Also I'm against eating during labor for myself. If I need an emergency c-section I will vomit afterwards if they decide on general anesthesia.
  • I am so shocked at the amount of my clients that have made comments to me of how long I should take for maternity leave....like you shouldn't need more than a couple weeks & what will be your last day of work? (I'm shooting for 6 weeks which I think is reasonable) but Yikes people he will come when he is ready and don't tell me how long I am going to take with my newborn! Ugh sorry needed the vent lol.
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    kvacmak said:
    I hate it at work when people question whether or not I should be doing something. Like, if I didn't think I should be lifting something or what not I'd say so. Dont assume I'm inept because Im creating a human over here. 

    I have one coworker who does this to me all the time!!  She actually said to me "should you being going up the stairs?!" (I work on the 5th floor and take the stairs back up after lunch).  She has also questioned what medication I have taken and food I've eaten.  No..... pregnant women can't go upstairs, and no I haven't checked on what is okay for me to take and eat. 

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  • @COLE12916 my husband said this to me the other day as in like you're really going to take 6 weeks off? Why? I thought you would go back 1 or 2 days a week after like 2 weeks. I almost hit him!
  • I hate it when every choice i make daily is accorded to my pregnancy!! Like, "oh ofcourse you wouldnt cause you see pregnant" or "you must be doing this cause you are pregnant."??!!! Not every desicion i take is based on my pregnant self, there r a million things i do or dont do daily which i would have even when not pregnant!!! There was once a non-pregnant me!!!
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