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Positive for Downs - Cell Free DNA Blood Test (Qnatal)

sherri&davidsherri&david member
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Im 44 and I had this test completed and it came back positive for Downs. Was advised this test is 99% accurate and a false positive is very unlikely. I went ahead and did a CVS to get a final result and waiting on results, but I'm devastated. Has anyone else gone through this?

Re: Positive for Downs - Cell Free DNA Blood Test (Qnatal)

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    penelope4612penelope4612 member
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    I'm sorry.  I haven't gone through something similar.  But I am glad you are pursuing more conclusive diagnostic testing.  I read this article a while back and am not sure how accurate it is, but it did make me consider whether or not to pursue cell free DNA testing:

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    My sister has. They told her her baby boy may have downs. Further testing was negative. She now has a handsome 1.5 year old. Either way he would have been handsome :) Good luck!
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    No experience, but I will hope for the best for you.
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    My fiance was told that his son (from a previous relationship) was going to have downs with almost 100% certainty. They went to another doctor for a second opinion who told them that there was no way to be that sure. His son is 5 years old now and does not have Downs or any other genetic issues.

    Best of luck to you, mama.
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    sherri&davidsherri&david member
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    Thank you for sharing the article @penelope4612 . I have searched the Internet so much and read so many different things, And it's all so confusing. Dr told me its 99% accurate with a 1% false positive, but I just don't want to believe that.
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    Can you get some sort of a second opinion or find a geneticist? I haven't read up that much on it, but it's all very scary. I'm sorry you are going through this.
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    wasatchgirlwasatchgirl member
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    @lulubellegallagher thank you for that comment. My mother was one of those people that you mentioned. When she found out that my sister would have Down Syndrome the doctor told my mom she could abort it. At that time my mother was already half-way through her pregnancy. It's a sensitive topic for anyone but for my mom, and my family in general, we do not agree with abortions (disclaimer: I am only speaking about the beliefs and opinions of my family so if anyone thinks otherwise please don't take offense). She kept the baby and my little sister has been the BEST thing that has happened in our family. She has healed wounds and hearts that I honestly thought would NEVER be fixed. Family drama of course. 

    Sherri, judging by the great comments above I would second that going to another doctor to get a second opinion is a great idea :). Couldn't hurt right?! Best of luck to you my dear :)
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