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Bowel obstruction

I went for my 30 week ultrasound today and baby was healthy, but they want me to come back in 4 weeks because she may or may not have a bowel obstruction. Doc said it may have just been bowels passing through at the moment but they just want to be sure. If it is obstructed, they have to do surgery on her when she's born! :(
Now I'm anxious, has this happened to anyone else??

Re: Bowel obstruction

  • I haven't experienced this specifically but wanted to send you my well-wishes! The good (and bad) news is that it's a "wait and see" thing, meaning it's not urgent or dangerous! The fact that it can go 4 weeks without intervening is a good sign. Doctor is probably erring on the side of caution which is definitely better than the opposite! Hope everything works out smoothly for your LO :)
  • Thanks for the love, @peppercorn16 :) I'm sure everything will be alright, just the thought of my little baby needing surgery gives me anxiety :-S
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